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CSM SDEX sales stopped!


Please note that no further sales of CSM directly on the SDEX are planned as of now. The sale without further marketing besides our small but dedicated community on Discord and Telegram gives us confidence to surpass our internal goal in the upcoming Seed sale where the remaining 16.2% allocated for this round will be sold on our website.

Current offers on the orderbook are from other users selling their previously acquired tokens. Please purchase with caution regarding potentially overpriced offers.

We are forever grateful for the support this small but strong community has shown so far and are looking forward to great things.

Don’t forget to join us on Discord and Telegram for all the questions you may have and follow us on Twitter and reddit.




CityStates is a game in development that is going to issue in-game items as assets on the Stellar Network. Players will be able to trade resources, goods and in-game currency directly with each other on the integrated SDEX interface.

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