How to buy CSM via Pancakeswap on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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2 min readJul 19, 2021


Presupposing you already have an address on BSC and are familiar with Metamask, you can add the CSM token to show in your account by entering the contract address 0x35754e4650c8ab582f4e2cb9225e77e6685be25a:

To buy CSM with other tokens simply follow this link to Pancakeswap:

To make sure you are adding the original CSM please follow only links from our official publications and channels and check the contract address (0x35754e4650c8ab582f4e2cb9225e77e6685be25a).

After importing the token, you can now swap any other token you have to CSM. If you intend to buy a higher quantity of CSM make sure to keep an eye on the price-impact:

CSM on BinanceSmartChain is a wrapped token

CSM is natively issued on the Stellar Network. To check that tokens circulating on BSC are not also circulating on Stellar, you can simply check the issuing address on 0xdcb5e4afd9ebeb54dc928910cf0525fdd1b7c40a

Subtract the CSM held by the issuing address on BSC from the max supply (1,000,000,000) and you get the total of CSM circulating on BSC. This amount should be the same or close to the CSM held by the designated account on Stellar: GAPIQCOWXKKHGT3B6ICGCIBVZRAWW5C2B2YJLXTVJQADKXDHZHZJEBSC

Unlocked wallet is holding a high % of LP

On you may notice this warning message in the sidebar:

The simple reason is that there currently are no other liquidity providers. Anyone buying CSM can become a liquidity provider as well but most chose not to because that would mean that they set up their CSM for sale at this low price and nobody is willing to do that.

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