How to top up your addirktive account and buy HEX in-game currency for CityStates

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Apr 29, 2023


If you are unfamiliar with the Stellar Network, the easiest way to get HEX is to top up your addirktive dashboard account with any of the supported cryptocurrencies and swap it to HEX using our integrated tool.

After creating your account on addirktive head to Balance -> Deposit, select the currency you want to deposit and the blockchain you want to send from:

For lowest fees we suggest using XLM or if supported Stellar USDC. In case of using Stellar, you can also send from exchanges but don’t forget the memo!

After the deposit was credited to your account (fastest and cheapest using Stellar), you can now swap your balance directly in the game to HEX:

Do note that you need to research ‘Purchase Power’ in the game before you can use this feature.