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Renaming of our in-game currency from HEX to HEXA(GON)

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Plans change. We will keep HEX as the name for our in-game currency because it’s just too fitting for our game, assets had already been created way before the ‘Hearst-project’ was even announced and hopefully one day more people will talk about our HEX and will have forgotten about his.

Previous article unedited:

Although we had already decided on the name of a potential in-game currency way back in 2018, unfortunately in the meantime the short name HEX was tainted by a very different project we don’t want to name or link here.

The short HEX was initially chosen because of the use of hexagon shaped tiles for the city and world maps. To avoid any kind of confusion between the two tokens in the future, we decided to name our token Hexagon instead, using HEXA as the ticker symbol on exchanges and store fronts.

There are a few assets that will need to be changed to reflect this change but it’s not that big of a disruption.

Having players in the future mistakenly buying the ‘other’ HEX instead would give me more headaches.



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