Three Advantages of Holding CITYUPTAKE

Mar 20, 2019 · 4 min read

We all participate in crypto projects for at least one reason: we think it will benefit us financially at some point in the future. What differs are the risk tolerances and time horizons that we each possess. Some of the gambling games are rewarding healthy dividends at the moment, but that is a very competitive space and it is hard to gauge the longevity of those dividends. Some of the games that are being developed like Eggies.World and Chibis Fighters promise a mixture of fun and financial gain, but they are still largely speculative at the moment. Then there are a few projects in the financial area with Poppy and ALLE Exchange coming to mind, but once again these projects are still in development and the outcome is uncertain.

CITYUPTAKE falls into this latter category since people hold this TRC-10 token for the healthy residuals received each week. CityUptake differs in that it has an established track record and sustainable business model.

It is likely that if you are reading this, you hold numerous TRON tokens. There are three distinct reasons why you should add CITYUPTAKE to your Tron portfolio. These reasons are listed in no particular order.

#1 CITYUPTAKE Advantage

It can be frustrating holding a cryptocurrency and watching the wild price swings that occur on a daily basis. Who among us holders have not imagined selling at a higher price and buying back after the price dips? Yet, that is much easier said than done. Many of us tend to get emotional with thousands of dollars at risk despite efforts to remain calm. Since CITYUPTAKE is backed 1:1 with TRX, we get to enjoy some of the gains from the wild gyrations in crypto prices without all the emotional drama since our TRX is safely stashed away in a portfolio that is voting for popular Super Representatives and earning daily block rewards. The trade desk gains are not certain, but the trade desk manager is a skilled day trader with a 12-year record of gains. Therefore, the first advantage is the combination of a safe SR portfolio with the gains from the trade-desk managed by a professional trader.

#2 CITYUPTAKE Advantage

If you take a look at the chart below, you can see that the rewards from the SR Portfolio and Trade Desk easily dwarf the rewards by just voting. Some weeks are better than others depending on the price volatility, but the gains have consistently outperformed all Super Representative rewards. Sure, you can speculate on other projects by mining ANTE or buying up other TRX ICOs, but if you want a steady residual, CITYUPTAKE is hard to beat. I personally have used much of the CITYUPTAKE rewards received to get involved with these other projects. All my EGGS for EGGIES.WORLD were purchased with CITYUPTAKE rewards.

#3 CITYUPTAKE Advantage

The third advantage involves dilution, a disadvantage faced by those who seek daily rewards from simply voting for Super Representatives. When I first began voting for Sesameseed, I received three-digit daily SEED drops. As Sesameseed’s vote total steadily climbed to over one billion votes, the daily SEED rewards dropped sharply. The pricing model at CITYUPTAKE is designed to protect our holders from this issue. Since .25 TRX is added to the Trade Desk with every purchase of one CITYUPTAKE the gains from daily trading also grow. I have watched my personal ownership stake in CITYUPTAKE drop from around 30% to roughly 4% today, but my rewards have remained roughly the same. Any significant changes are usually the result of variations in the trade desk performance, which is consistently gaining between 3–5% per week.

This tracks a wallet that has maintained 100K CITYUPTAKE from the start.

Beyond those three significant advantages, is the community that we have built in the Telegram channel. Our discussions are not limited to just CITYUPTAKE since talking about price swings of TRX would get old fast. We routinely discuss which projects look promising and which projects deserve further scrutiny. We offer advice about wallet selection and security to people new to TRX. I have learned much from this community of like-minded crypto holders. Even if you do not hold CITYUPTAKE, you would find these discussions beneficial. And since we do not airdrop any coins, it is one of the few channels without all the annoying telegram spam.

If you have any questions about CITYUPTAKE or other projects, don’t hesitate to join us in the telegram channel and add to the conversation.

Join us in Telegram to learn more:



Blockchain. Rewards. Simplified


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The CITYUPTAKE token is a utility token that provides access to the goods, services, and content of the Company. Rewards are not guaranteed.


Blockchain. Rewards. Simplified

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