Reflection of Media Technologies

The importance of conveying a message

Media. A medium that not only surrounds the populous in numerous shapes and sizes, but has evolved to the status of being quite a necessity in many lives today. The very fact that children of the age demographic between 3–5 years of age watch on average of 3.3 hours of television a day, is testimony to the very statement (Beatty, A, 2006, pg. 11). Media is the conveyance of message in a vast digital frontier, allowing for multiple expressions of varying opinions and views.

As an inspiring hopeful in the film making industry, the media technologies that are deemed most vital to myself would be; Video broadcasting websites (YouTube, Vimeo), music streaming providers (YouTube, Spotify) and video games.

YouTube Logo

Video broadcasting websites such as YouTube or Vimeo have allowed for millions of people world wide to connect through the sharing and broadcasting of videos. The ability for someone to simply upload a video of any subject matter they may desire, has ushered in a new medium of free speech and creativity. As someone whom constantly looks for inspiration from many alternate and different sources, this means of media has been a truly revolutionary advantage to myself.

Alien opening scene. *Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Music streaming providers such as YouTube and Spotify have given forth an entirely new way of discovering music. Music is the expression of emotion. In film this is used to evoke fear, love, mystery, heartbreak and countless more. Ridley Scott’s Alien is a prime example of simply allowing the music to evoke the emotion in the audience. With the insurgence of new streaming providers, it has allowed discovery of new musical inspiration for myself. This new form of technology conveys a freedom to discover.

Journey Release trailer. *Courtesy of Playstation

Video games have allowed for a new era of story telling, breaking the mould of traditional storytelling tropes. It has allowed for story telling to evolve through player interactions with their environment, play styles or even subtle revelations through game mechanics. This ushered in a new dawn of story telling tropes, conveying that not all tales or literature have to follow the original structure. A game such as Journey by ThatGameCompany, unravelled it’s story in a way not seen in an traditional forms or story telling. Video games have allowed a freedom of narrative, allowing the developer to let the story flow in new and ground breaking ways.

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