What is Media?

Media is a form of communication that can span across oceans, countries, cultures and beliefs. This is evident in everyday life. How is it that one knows what is happening thousands of kilometres away? How does one know of the political struggles of a nation which they do not belong to? Media is a tool which many creators use as a form of communication to reach out to others that may have similar views, or to simply inform the consumer of specific information. The mere fact that millions of people will no doubt schedule in their day a time where they can sit down and watch the news of the television is testimony to the power that media has over the consumer. Lately, with the rise of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Media is taking on a new form. Being able to not only allow the producer to communicate with the consumer but grant the consumer to provide feedback and interact with the producer on an almost personal level.

A media theorist by the name of Marshall McLuhan theorised that “the medium is the message.” meaning? he used the example of the creation of the telephone. Summarising that with it’s creation, so was the creation of a new way in which people can relate and communicate. fundamentally changing that aspect of society. Merely look around you today. Today, one can simply pull out a device no bigger than the size of their hand and instantly communicate with another across the world. This has moulded society into a new state of mind. Now that the means of instant communication has become a norm, the mentality has changed. patience levels have decreased with the insurgence of an ‘instant’ way of life.


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