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Role for Software Developer with commercial experience with NodeJS, React, JavaScript and TypeScript

Civic Ledger builds trust layer solutions for markets of tomorrow. Founded in 2016, we are a multi-award-winning local startup that has been operating in the Australian market, and is now expanding overseas, primarily to the United States and Europe.

  • Lean, agile, and progressive culture
  • Values work/life balance; distributed workplace (work-from-home/favourite co-working)
  • Innovative technology and processes
  • Australian residents only

Job Description

The role is for a Software Developer with commercial experience with NodeJS, React, JavaScript and TypeScript.

We work in a standard Agile (Scrum) approach, with two-week sprints and careful planning. We work hard to maintain a “pure” scrum approach, and to ensure that we build both the best products and the best company possible.

Our Tech Stack

We are enthusiastically agnostic towards technologies and will use the best solution for any given problem.


  • Plan, architect and develop new features
  • Participate in Agile process
  • Produce documentation, diagrams, and other artefacts
  • Assistance with proposals and tenders

Must-have skills

You will have strong commercial experience in general web development.

  • Proven work experience as a Software Engineer or Software Developer
  • Strong commercial JavaScript skills; especially NodeJS and React
  • Experience with modern web development tools and approaches such as Agile, version control, unit testing etc.
  • Any non-JS backend language (Go, PHP, C#, Python)

Valued skills

We would highly regard any skills outside of the above must-have skills that can provide value, especially in areas of emerging technology: Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT.

  • DevOps experience; especially with AWS
  • Backend development in a range of languages
  • Haskell, Rust, Elixir, or Kotlin experience
  • Any experience with a range of JS frameworks: React, Ember, Svelte, Angular
  • Enterprise architecture knowledge

Team culture

Our culture is one of open communication and honing technical skill. We have a flat structure and communicate equally in an ego-free space where all ideas are discussed. It should go without saying that we are an equal opportunity workplace, and not in a lip-service kind of way.

  • Strongly competitive salary
  • Opportunities for learning and professional growth
  • Flexibility in working hours and a genuinely caring team
  • Focus on work/life balance and meaningful cooperation.

Civic Ledger is a proud member of Blockchain Australia and FinTech Australia. All four co-founders are Blockchain Australia Fellows with two founders former Directors of Blockchain Australia and founders of the Bitcoin Brisbane Meetup (2015) and Brisbane Women in Blockchain Meetup (2018). Civic Ledger was a member of the National Blockchain Roadmap Credentialing Working Group.

In June 2021, Civic Ledger was awarded World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers 2021 — recognised as one of 100 most promising startups and the only Australian technology company.

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Multi-award-winning technology company Civic Ledger is building trust layer solutions for the markets of tomorrow.

Civic Ledger provides blockchain solutions to enable a sustainable revival of growth. With Civic Ledger technology, water, carbon, nutrients, and biodiversity will be able to be securely and transparently accounted for — how much we have, how much we share, and how much we use.

We work closely with environmental market operators, regulators, utilities, traditional owners, industry and the agricultural sector to ensure solutions that are comprehensive, responsible, intuitive, and future proof.

Our team is distributed across Asia, Europe, and Australasia, and will soon be growing into the US. In 2021, we were the only Australian company accepted into the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers cohort.


Water Ledger is the world’s first blockchain-based platform for the management and trading of water. The result is a more open, transparent, and publicly verifiable system to support improved water management and enhance the water trading experience with water rights that are clearly defined, enforceable, and transferable.

As a peer-to-peer trust layer solution, Water Ledger eliminates the need for third parties to intermediate between buyers and sellers, drastically reducing the complexity of water trading whilst presenting an audit log of all events in real time to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Water Ledger’s enables secure ecosystem growth as more water related activities — from water utilities to water recycling — transition to blockchain-based solutions.



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