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February Civic Ledger News

It’s been a huge start to 2022 for Civic Ledger. We’ve achieved a number of “firsts” not just for us, but for the entire blockchain industry. Here is the round up.

Scaling Blockchain Water Markets in North Queensland

The world’s first water markets on blockchain will go live later this year as a result of a partnership with the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA), Inclusive Growth Partners, FNQ Growers and Civic Ledger.

The launch of Water Ledger in the MDWSS water catchment will onboard more than 1000 growers and water users to the water accounting on blockchain platform.

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World first water accounting for mining on blockchain

Civic Ledger’s Water Ledger is being trialled as a part of the Australian Government’s Blockchain Pilot for Critical Minerals, in partnership with Everledger, CSIRO, and Data61.

The pilot aims to showcase an ethical credentials “battery passport” to verify the sustainable manufacture and sourcing of materials for electronic vehicle batteries.

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Making Choices About Water launched online

In partnership with Cynefin Centre Australia, the Making Choices About Water webinar that included water sovereignty expert Dr Erin O’Donnell, Indigenous water justice advocate Professor Anne Poelina, and Civic Ledger’s Katrina Donaghy now has a dedicated space online.

The showcase features a synthesis of the ideas presented, resources, transcript, and of course the video replay available online for free.

The hope is to enable a new generation of water, governance, and finance professionals to draw on a common language to accelerate water justice and the adoption of regenerative practices in water management that are inclusive for all.

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Read the press release


Multi-award-winning technology company Civic Ledger is building trust layer solutions for the water markets of tomorrow. Civic Ledger provides blockchain solutions to enable a sustainable revival of growth. With Civic Ledger technology, water, carbon, nutrients, and biodiversity will be able to be securely and transparently accounted for — how much we have, how much we share, and how much we use. We work closely with environmental market operators, regulators, utilities, traditional owners, industry and the agricultural sector to ensure solutions that are comprehensive, responsible, intuitive, and future proof. Our team is distributed across Asia, Europe, and Australasia, and will soon be growing into the US. In 2021, we were the only Australian company accepted into the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers cohort.


Water Ledger is the world’s first blockchain-based platform for the management and trading of water. The result is a more open, transparent, and publicly verifiable system to support improved water management and enhance the water trading experience with water rights that are clearly defined, enforceable, and transferable.

As a peer-to-peer trust layer solution, Water Ledger eliminates the need for third parties to intermediate between buyers and sellers, drastically reducing the complexity of water trading. Water Ledger’s enables secure ecosystem growth as more water related activities — from water utilities to water recycling — transition to blockchain-based solutions.



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