6 Things You’ll Gain from DITAP

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3 min readSep 20, 2022


In government, buying digital services is a unique and different skill set than general procurement practices. According to a recent article in Federal News Network, Digital IT Acquisition Professional training, commonly known as DITAP, is a workforce development program that is key to improving how government acquisition workers buy digital services.

CivicActions is no stranger to DITAP; in fact, we are the first authorized Small Business provider with over 200 graduates. As such, it comes as no surprise that we expect participants in our DITAP program to walk away with key learnings and measurable results. So, what will you gain from DITAP at CivicActions?

Our DITAP training program gives you the expertise to thrive in Digital Acquisition. Photo: Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash

1. A Foundation for Success

We provide a special Foundations class to help you get a clear grasp of key concepts like lean, agile and human-centered design, well before diving into DITAP course content. DITAP Foundations is a module unique to the CivicActions DITAP Program and introduces participants to applying agile software delivery and human-centered design when approaching digital services and IT procurement. These methodologies are revisited throughout the program and assignments.

2. A Better Grip on Emerging Tech

CivicActions features a week-long module on Emerging Tech. By ensuring that acquisition professionals are informed on emerging technology, our participants are better equipped to make informed cost decisions and provide support on requirements-gathering, performance criteria, and market research of best practices, tools, and technologies. Current topics include AI, Rapid ATO, Open Source, and Innovations in Accessibility.

3. An Understanding of What You are Buying (and How to Buy it)

During CivicActions DITAP Program, you will learn how to assess your customer’s needs, conduct market research, and figure out what digital solutions are the best fit. You will also develop assessment tools for analyzing your agency’s digital maturation, while developing an acquisition strategy that accounts for customer needs by learning what services are available on the market.

4. Expertise in Awarding Digital Service Contracts

Once you have developed a mastery over evaluation and purchasing, our program will help you learn how to best conduct and award contracts for Digital Services, using metrics and incentives appropriately, and applying course correction when necessary.

5. Leadership Tools for Government Changemakers

We view all CivicActions DITAP Program participants as government changemakers in the digital space. At CivicActions, we know that leadership and communication skills are key to help you get leadership buy-in and become an ambassador for digital transformation and agile acquisitions in your agency.

6. An Alumni Network

After you graduate from DITAP, we help you stay connected with a strong community of leaders in the modern acquisition community. Our Slack-powered community is there for you long after graduation. It’s a place to stay connected, keep learning, and network with other procurement leaders across the federal government.

DITAP participants like Marvin Horne, NASA, have said “DITAP has proven to be a great foundation to help me improve procurement across my agency. The skills I learned continue to inform the work I do every day.”

Are you ready to join our DITAP community of leaders? Register for our next cohort, starting October 4th! Learn more here.




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