#TBT: A List of What I Miss from April 2016

Last April, I was busy transitioning work and stuff as I was getting ready to change roles. Nonetheless, that did not stop me (not even my sore eyes did! Haha!) from pushing through with the trips we already planned.

I visited South Korea with my friends from work, and Singapore with my long time friends from high school. Both trips were really enjoyable, and here are the things that I really miss…

Cherry Blossoms in Seoul. A month after my trip to Taiwan where I got to see Cherry Blossoms for the first time, I had another chance to see the lovely Cherry Blossoms! It was springtime then so it wasn’t hard to look for them. My favorite was the ones in Gyeongbokgung Palace Grounds and Yeouido Park.

(L-R): Cherry Blossom Tree in Gyeonbokgung Palace Grounds; Close up of Cherry Blossoms from Yeouido Park

Street Food in Seoul and Banana Milk. I’m not much a fan of majority of Korean cuisine (Kimchi and Bibimbap didn’t look so appetizing for me), but I did love some of their street food like the Egg Buns (they smell like pancakes mmmm), Tteokgalbi (Minced meat on a stick) and the Korean Style Chicken Poppers (okay I made this name up, but that’s how they are). We got our street food fix at Myeongdong, Hongdae and Ewha Women’s University. One more thing I really love is Banana Milk! Korean stores here sell Banana Milk, but there are no stores near our place.

Tteokgalbi, Banana Milk, Korean Chicken Pops (No time to take photos of egg buns, I always ate them immediately haha)

Hawker Food (and that Burrito we ate at Piedra Negra). Inexpensive but filling and flavorful dishes are what I love the most, and Hawker Food is exactly like that, for me. I’d love to go back to Changi Village to have another plate of that noodle with sort of Peanut sauce and chicken chop on top. I also loved the cheesy and meaty (and with no rice) Burrito from Piedra Negra, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Arab Street. I got criss cross fries along with my burrito. The meal was on a more pricey end (compared to hawker food), but definitely worth it and can even be shared by 2 people.

Shopping! When you’re in Seoul or in Singapore, you just can’t help but want to shop. I did enjoy checking out the shops in Myeongdong, Ewha Women’s University and Hongdae. If you’re patient enough, you’ll find cheap but good quality shoes and clothes. Cute socks are everywhere! Also, all those make up stores make you want to buy all sorts of Korean Beauty products, even if you don’t or won’t use them anyway. Then, there are the outlet stores in Singapore where you’d want to go on a shopping spree (if only I had so much money!).

The massage chair in the hostel, where we stayed in Singapore (LOL). I think what makes this old & beaten massage chair special (and missed) are the memories I have with it. This brief visit to Singapore is the first trip I had with my longest time friends. We had a bit of misadventures, and lots of fun, in that country. After every long and eventful day, we looked forward to using the massage chair; we’d even argue on who would use it first. Haha. Good times!

Here’s to hoping I could go back to those places soon!

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