Illustration by the talented Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

Starting our Design Agency — Clade.

Sara Stewart
Feb 5, 2019 · 1 min read

We started Clade just over a year ago, back in San Francisco. Happy Birthday to us!

At the time we started Clade, I was still working at Adobe as a UX designer on extensibility and integrations. I helped form a new team with some talented people. I worked across a large organization and made real progress in a daunting space.

My co-founder in business and life, Logan Faerber, had also been working as a designer at Adobe. Most recently he was working on Adobe XD, which is one of the highest-profile products to work on within Adobe.

We were both stubborn, opinionated, and wanted to get shit done. We’re still this way. We started Clade as a way to see how far we can take each other. It’s been a fun journey so far and things are starting to feel real. In the past year, we’ve also hit a bunch of personal milestones including; moving to beautiful Asheville, NC, getting married, and buying our first house!

I want to thank all our clients, colleagues, friends and family members for their support over this past year.

Here’s to Clade’s future and a wonderful 2019 for all!

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