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Writing in the Coffee shop.

Experiencing spaces to find my creative voice.

Today is a different day, and I have decided to enjoy it.

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I live in the center of Catalonia, in a humble city, Manresa, around an hour from the capital Barcelona.
Today, I have had to come down to the big city for familiar purposes. It is not something I usually do. My life is…




In ClariftyingTheWay we will share foundation and focus practices to help us overcome those moments in which we feel stuck so that we canfind greater joy, love, and happiness in our lives.

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Isaac Carreras Olive

Isaac Carreras Olive

I found nothing more rewarding than seeing the light of the uniqueness of all beings, opening bodies, hearts, and minds with joy, towards freedom and fullness.

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At The Table Read, we are on a mission to celebrate creativity Such as Actors, singers, songwriter,
 painters, designers, podcasters, filmmakers, authors. We want to offer a platform to 
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 As long as you’re creative and passionate about what you do, we want to celebrate everything 
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