Customer Discovery with Clarity Hub

Ivan Montiel
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3 min readOct 2, 2019


Customer Discovery is a key process in making sure that you are building what your customers actually want. It involves getting out there and interviewing potential customers and users to figure out their current pains, what tools they already use, and how they currently solve their problems.

Clarity Hub makes it easy to take notes and capture all of your customer interview data. You can focus on building great products now that all of your customer interview notes, pictures, recordings, and transcripts are all in one place.

Let’s explore how you can gather and organize customer interviews and feedback with our made-up product: Dusty — the dust cleaning drone.

Drawing of our illustrative, made-up product: Dusty — the dust cleaning drone.

Record Customer Interviews

We can create new interview notes for each interview we do. To validate Dusty, we are going to interview a few potential customer segments: homeowners and housecleaning service owners.

Clarity Hub makes easy to start recording an interview session. We can record up to two hours at a time.

Start an audio recording at any time.

If we had previously recorded interview sessions from other apps, we can drag and drop them into our notes. We can always playback any audio from within our notes at any time.

Playback your audio recording from within the editor.

Get Automated Transcripts

All of our audio from our customer interviews is automatically transcribed for us, saving valuable time!

Now we can quickly skim our transcript for insights and jot down any notes or pull any important quotes.

Get transcripts of any audio you record or upload.

Edit Transcriptions

Sometimes the transcriptions aren’t perfect. Transcriptions are fully editable on Clarity Hub, so we can fix any text that was incorrectly transcribed.

Fix any incorrectly transcribed audio.

Take Rich Notes

We can take rich text notes to organize your thoughts that we have before, during, or after our customer interviews.

Add Any Media

We decided to show our customers a few prototypes to close out our interviews. To make sure that everyone knows what the customer saw, we can add the picture to our interview notes:

Now our entire team in on the same page.

Better Customer Discovery

Clarity Hub makes it easy to capture important details from your customer interviews so that your customer discovery efforts don’t go to waste.

You can request early access to Clarity Hub by visiting our website: