Setting Up an Event

So you’ve signed up host an event… awesome! Guests have RSVP’d and the event is coming up fast — now what? Here’s a quick guide to setting up, so you’re prepared and ready to enjoy the night when your guests show up.

1) Get there early
Arrive at least 30 mins before your event starts and make sure you have the space you need based on the amount of attendees that have RSVPed. This will give you plenty of time to prepare!

2) Find your space
Check with venue staff for the best place to set up. Rearrange tables and chairs if necessary, so all your guests can sit within earshot.

3) Set up Posters and Table Tents
Put up your posters from the ClashNights Host Kit somewhere prominent in the front part of the venue, so guests can easily find you when they walk in the door. Check with venue staff to make sure they are okay with your poster placement.

4) Set up a temporary Clan (set to Invite Only)
Create a new “Invite Only” Clan in Clash Royale. Write down your Clan name on a piece of paper and display it in a prominent place so that all the guests can search for and request to join this clan when they arrive. Remember to accept their join requests!

5) Get WiFi info
Make sure to get the WiFi network name and password if available. Write down the network name and password on 2 sheets of paper, so they can be passed around by guests. You may be too busy to share the login during the event!

6) Sign in guests as they arrive
Sign in guests using the host portal on the ClashNights website. You can find guests via their email or player name, or if a guest is not register, add them from the same page. Remember to ask guests to join your temporary Clan for the event and share the WiFi info if needed!

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