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Begin with the end in mind.

We all know the importance of planning lessons around the skills, objectives, and learning targets set forth by our respective schools/districts/states. But, what does this mean practically? What does it mean to “begin with the end in mind”?

Lesson Planning is Important:

Lesson plans are most effective when they provide teachers with the capability to design a well-grounded and highly engaging learning environment for their students. By providing a step-by-step guide for teachers to dive deeper into what they’re teaching, an effective lesson plan tells you how the teaching should progress with the contents of the lecture.

Three Arms of Effective Teaching:

  1. The basic objectives of the course

2. Collection of teaching and learning activities

3. Assessment methods

When teachers incorporate these three arms, lesson plans become more effective in helping students better understand the topic and better support the teacher in unveiling the lesson’s basic objectives.


Over the years, there have been several challenges with lesson planning. Teachers are finding it difficult to handle multiple roles as they lack sufficient time and access to resources. Preparing, planning, and executing tasks expected of them add a lot of pressure and the lack of time doubles it, which seriously impacts the quality of the work they deliver.


Lesson plans have moved with the times of technology, from manual to digital planning. Technology exists in almost all fields and has always been there to help do tasks with ease. When it comes to digital lesson plans, an important factor to keep in mind is to make sure they contain the main elements of the lesson. They’re meant to guide your instruction so you can maximize classroom time, therefore catering to challenges faced from doing them manually.


Class Planit is a NEW online lesson planner, powered by data-driven instruction, which tracks annual standards, monitors student performance, and finds recommendations that align the best teaching practices with AI.

Class Planit simplifies the lesson planning experience and provides the tools to design an optimal classroom curriculum. You will be able to create effective lesson plans that target objectives and track analytics on differentiation, alignment, engagement, and level of difficulty.

The best part of it all is that the lesson plan gives teachers the confidence to excel in their classroom. With access to an infinite amount of resources, you will be well-informed and students will love your class activities.



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