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Could Ai be the answer to curb Learning Loss post-Covid?

With the powerful trend toward digital learning, individualization, and the rapid change of technology around us, Educators are increasingly being challenged to find new and compelling ways to engage learners in and out of the classroom.

Traditionally, a classroom has always been a place of fun engagement between the teachers and the students, yet all changed after most schools went digital or hybrid in response to Covid19. Learning suddenly moved out of the classroom and placed in a new digital environment. Many academic experts fear this sudden change in the learning environment has opened a massive gap in student achievement, motivation and performance. It has left many educators wondering, what will post-Covid19 learning look like this Academic Year?

As teachers begin the challenge of curbing learning loss, filling learning gaps, and increasing motivation in students, could Ai be the answer?

EdTech And AI

Education will never disappear but it has surely taken up a different form”

The educational sector has evolved, by embracing the continuous growing understanding of the world- and the recent boom of the internet has brought education to the masses in new and exciting ways, turning websites like TED-Ed, Youtube and online platforms like Knewton and Carnegie Learning into some of the biggest free knowledge hubs on the planet.

For several decades now, educators have identified teaching best practices that spur student understanding in the classroom ie. differentiation; individualized learning; and learning that connects to real-world experiences. However, implementing these best practices in the classroom daily has been elusive for most educators especially those just starting in their careers.

Recently, however, the way teachers pass information and knowledge to students has undergone a significant shift. With the help of Education technology and AI, teachers can now better understand their students and how they learn as well as tailor-make learning experiences. These new Edtech solutions will empower educators to create more remarkable learning experiences for today’s young minds in less time.

Here are 4 ways Ai can help teachers address learning challenges in the classroom post-Covid:

  1. Ai can allow teachers to better combine in-class learning and digital learning experiences.

2. Ai can help educators identify learning loss or learning gaps in individual students.

3. Ai can help teachers better understand their students.

4. Ai can help teachers save time by automating manual administrative tasks.

The combination of in-class learning and digital learning experiences offers students the best of both worlds, they get the individualized benefits of Technology like tracking and personalization and the advantages of face to face learning where teachers can motivate and guide.

The potential of AI solutions and EdTech have been tailored to complement the traditional classroom settings and work side by side with teachers to improve Personalized learning, Automated grading and a 24/7 personal teachers assistant.

Now teachers can assign tasks to students with different learning styles by applying every teaching technique to make learning engaging and equitable for every student.

The Future of education lies within the collaboration of teachers and digital systems such as AI engines. By giving the teachers confidence and success in providing future students with high-quality education and enabling teachers to do more of what they love most - teaching.

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