Hawaii: Not Just For Lovers

I never thought I’d go to Hawaii. It seemed like one of those “bucket list” places that I wouldn’t be able to cross off. For one, I had always heard that it was super expensive and for another, everyone I know who has been, went on their honeymoon. As I write this, I happen to know at least two couples presently there on their honeymoon. Being recently single last winter, I was about as far as possible from planning a honeymoon.

It’s not like a rule had been imposed — hey single girl DONT even THINK about going to Hawaii without a man. But I always felt like that shit was reserved, for honeymoons and anniversaries exclusively. Every other week at work I wait on a couple en route to paradise. Luckily, though, I have friends that like to travel no matter our marital status.

A year ago my two friends and I went bar hopping and talked about the next trip we wanted to take. My friend Laura always plans a trip for her birthday in February, in the dead of winter when the weather becomes entirely unbearable. It’s perfect really, because every year around that time I feel the strongest urge to get the hell out of dodge. If you live in the Northeast, you understand why. We flew out ahead of one storm, and flew back during another blizzard.

Fueled by some of Revere Beach’s finest libations and our insatiable wanderlust, we somewhat impulsively booked our trip to Hawaii. While all three of us bust our ass at our various jobs, none of us are made of money so this jaunt was only possible because of our job perks (thanks Hyatt!) and some aggressive deal searching when it came to flights and activities.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destination or you’re just one of us single gals who wants to experience pure bliss, read on for how to have the best time ever.

Here are 10 of my favorite things I suggest you do in Hawaii (Maui & Kauai):

1. Sunrise atHaleakala

2. Find a fresh coconut, get someone to cut it open with a machete, and drink out of it

3. Have a birthday party on the beach

4. Yoga at sunrise on the beach

5. Jump off a cliff into the ocean

6. Eat coconut ice cream with Phyllis at Coconut Glen’s

7. Hike the bamboo forest

8. Find every hidden waterfall, beach, etc you can

9. Eat & Drink Local : Surfing Goat Dairy, Maui Winery, Ocean Vodka, etc.

10. Stay at the Garden Island Inn on Kauai

These and more will be explained in detail in forthcoming posts, so stay tuned.