but where’s the fun? 01.12.15

College treats us like adults.

We’re expected to be responsible.

Yet as designers, we should think like children. Some of the most fascinating things in design are not found in the depth of thought nor detailed mappings of how the engineering works behind a product. A lot of it is about fun. Too many serious things already exists in the world anyway. We’ll just leave it for the other majors to figure that stuff out. (You can refer to the Little Prince on this one).

I really appreciated the ‘element of surprise’ being brought up by Stacie, our professor, as an essential point in class. Often times, we try to dig for solutions for problems, blah blah blah adult things…but we forget to have fun. To experiment. To laugh at the mistakes that we make and grow those those ideas into possibly the quirkiest, most loveable things. Like those wind-up toys we talked about. Seemingly existing for no particular purpose…they’re wonderful just because they are.

Let’s tackle this semester with play!

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