Quick Feedback Provides Student Learning Advantage

A Classkick Teacher asked us, “Do you have a link on the benefits of quick feedback?” Here is our response:

There are many strategies to help you increase student learning, and one of the most powerful ways is by providing quick feedback (research from Edutopia, IDEA EDU, Susan M. Brookhart, Evidence for Learning).

Research supports that providing frequent and timely feedback is essential for student growth. Similarly, the fast-paced exchange of information our students are used to on a daily basis supports that teachers need to adapt their teaching to meet the needs of today’s student.

In Classkick, you can provide both corrective and celebratory feedback to your students instantly to ensure they receive specific guidance for the skill you are addressing.

Are there common corrections you often find yourself repeating? Use Quick Feedbacks to quickly re-state those directions using fun, optional stickers and point values. Students forgetting to use text references? Create a Quick Feedback with an owl sticker reminding them to, “Look back in the text for evidence to support your claim.” Math kids using naked numbers (without units)? Use a studious squirrel with the text, “Forgetting to use units drives me nuts!”

The immediacy of feedback makes completing guided or independent practice problems more meaningful for students. It also motivates them to continue working and shows you, as their teacher, are motivated by and invested in their success. If you show you are invested, your students are more likely to be invested as well!

Check out this 20-second video for an example of Quick Feedbacks in action and try it free in Classkick today.

Can’t access YouTube? Check out this link on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/169118270

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