6 Ways Classloom Improves Parent-Teacher Communication

We all know how difficult it is to find time to communicate effectively with the parents of your class. Often times we play phone tag with parents trying to match our busy work schedule with that of the parents. It also seems like now more than ever parents are highly involved in their child’s education. It’s a good thing! It can also be very onerous for us. Classloom is one of those web tools that can make our lives easier and put a parent’s mind at ease.

There are lots of ways Classloom can improve Parent-Teacher Communication but here are my top reasons for using Classloom.

1) Classloom eliminates the need to write time consuming classroom newsletters!

Remember all that time we used to take outlining a month’s worth of activities in a newsletter? Remember all the time standing around waiting to use the photocopier so you could send out that newsletter the next day? Remember the day the photocopier jammed and you spent 20 minutes clearing the jam? It took forever to complete one simple task. Using Classloom eliminates all this. A teacher can update his/her group in a matter of minutes, right from the classroom computer or device.

2) Classloom ensures that parents will receive information in a timely manner!

Let’s face it kids will be kids. How many times have you found last month’s newsletter stuffed into a student’s desk? Too many times parents don’t receive the information about class trips and assignments. Using Classloom allows us to communicate directly with parents and reduce their stress. They won’t have to find out at the last minute about sending in supplies for a project or struggling to find a lost permission form.

3) Classroom information is available 24/7

Parents can access your Classloom group whenever their schedule suits them. They can check up on assignment due dates and test dates on their own time. They can even send you private messages detailing any concerns they might have. This works far better than trying to leave a vague message with the school secretary. Not to mention you can post rubrics online so parents will know exactly how you are evaluating their children. It might even cut down on the phone calls asking why their child received a B+ on an assignment instead of A.

4) You can post pictures of work and class events

“A picture is worth a thousand words!” It’s true! It is valuable. If a parent sees a picture of their child busy at work on their math or working hard with group members to design a new toy for science then you are effectively communicating with parents. They can see the amazing things that happen in a classroom first hand. Just remember to always follow your school’s policy for posting images of students and their work. Every board or school has to carefully protect the privacy of their students.

5) Classloom allows you to communicate with parents on your own schedule

Let’s face it our time is valuable. It is time consuming to look up a parent’s phone number then find a quiet place to make contact with them and put their concerns at ease. Classloom allows you to respond to parent questions on your own schedule. You can clarify an expectation on a rubric or send a parent a list of work that is overdue without leaving your classroom.

6) Classloom eliminates the costly and cumbersome communication book/agenda

Many schools have utilized agendas or communication books as a tool for outlining due dates and class events to parents. The drawbacks to this method are numerous. Firstly, the books are often costly. They are also bulky and by the end of the year it’s often been lost or destroyed. It’s not the most reliable method of communication. A child can forget to show parents the details within their agenda. We’ve all heard the statement. “I lost my agenda.”

A tool like Classloom is just one of the advantages of using a social media platform to enhance teaching. By effectively communicating with parents we can show we care about their most important possession. This, in the long run will help build a really great partnership between school and home. After all we here for the kids and their success is key.

Erin FitzGibbon, Teacher and Writer
Classloom Blog Writer


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