ClassPass Operating Principles

At ClassPass we have codified how we aspire to work into our operating principles. Developed by the executive team in collaboration with outstanding members of the company, these operating principles reflect what we believe is most important about how we work.

We use these principles every day as our gold standard, to check in with ourselves and our team mates about whether we’re making the most of our time together.

To inaugurate our new ClassPass Engineering Blog, today we’re sharing these with the world. We hope you find them as valuable as we do.

Make it count

We have a bias toward impact. When in doubt, our default is to choose action over inaction. We run fast — always learning, and growing every step of the way. We are quick to recognize when things don’t work out as planned and we are not afraid to cut our losses and move on. We never settle and we are relentless in pushing ourselves to move our company forward. We believe that every single day is an opportunity to get better.

Presume good intent

We are a team. Each of us show up every day ready to engage in kind, open-hearted and helpful ways. We act with transparency and integrity and expect the same from our colleagues. We assume the best in each other and support each other in rising to the occasion.

Engage constructively, commit wholeheartedly

We engender a culture of open intellectual debate to nurture a marketplace of ideas, seeking the best answers for our business. Each of us has an obligation to speak up, in an honest and curious way, when we disagree with a decision being made. We are not afraid to admit when we are wrong or when a better idea has been put forward. Once a decision has been made, we will embrace it wholeheartedly and collectively root for the outcome.

Be all in

We recognize the opportunity in front of us is a rare one, and we honor this by showing up 100% every single day, giving it our very best. We are all owners of ClassPass, and we will act as such — going above and beyond and doing what needs to be done.

Deliver on our promises

We will always balance our company, customers and partners in the decisions we make, being sure to do our best to deliver on the promises we have made. We will judiciously weigh the impact on all constituents, and strive to do right by them with every choice we make.

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