Classroom Champions Athlete Mentors as Olympic and Paralympic flag bearers

Our Athlete Mentors elected to represent the United States and Canada as flag bearers in the Olympic and Paralympic Games since 2014.

Genevieve Adams
Classroom Champions
2 min readMar 4, 2022


Classroom Champions has been around for 14 Olympic and Paralympic Games. From those Games, our Athlete Mentors have been chosen by their teammates to represent their country as flag bearer for the Opening or Closing Ceremony!

Most recently during the 2022 Winter Games, our mentors Elana Meyers Taylor and Tyler Carter were chosen to represent America! If you want to catch more content featuring Elana and your favorite U.S. athletes competing in Beijing, check out for tons of free and engaging activities!

Check out our list and share your favorite Olympic or Paralympic moment with us!

2014 Winter Sochi Gamese

🇨🇦 Olympics: Hayley Wickenheiser

2018 Winter Pyeongchang Games

🇺🇸 Olympics: Erin Hamlin

🇨🇦 Olympics: Tessa Virtue

2020 Summer Tokyo Games

🇺🇸 Olympics: Sue Bird

🇺🇸 Paralympics: Chuck Aoki

🇨🇦 Paralympics: Priscilla Gagné

2022 Winter Beijing Games

🇺🇸 Olympics: Elana Meyers Taylor

🇺🇸 Paralympics: Tyler Carter



Genevieve Adams
Classroom Champions

Genevieve manages Classroom Champions Communications and Marketing.