How one minute can turn your classroom around.

Make every minute count.

Joey Duck
Classroom Champions
3 min readOct 18, 2021


Have you ever needed to shift focus, start a discussion or address an issue in your classroom?

Whether you need to bring your students back to center, kick off a classroom conversation, or provide some reflective moments; we have some free resources for you to use in your everyday teaching.

Implementing social and emotional learning doesn’t have to be time consuming. With one minute videos and ready made prompts you can make a daily dose of SEL a new reality in your classroom.

Our free Champion Check-In offering provides a new Mindful Minute video each week, complete with daily conversation starters and reflection templates. All you’ll need to do is create an account with your email address, and you’re in! It really is that easy.

So what are Mindful Minutes?

Our Mindful Minute videos are 60-second inspirational messages and lessons from world-class athletes across different sports. The topics range from the importance of sleep to managing stress and anxiety.

These short videos bring the personal experiences and life lessons learned from one of our athlete mentors, giving your students access to a mindset and perspective that can help them problem-solve and be their best selves. It can help you start important conversations in your classroom to address any moment.

Why are these videos and prompts important?

As a teacher, you deal with a wide array of emotions, situations and obstacles. Classroom Champions wants to bring you a teaching partner in the form of athlete mentors, who can help bring these important skills to life for your students. For every classroom moment, there’s a Mindful Minute and prompt that can help ground your students and bring a new life lesson to the surface.

Try one today!

  1. Watch this video from Olympic speed skater, Gilmore Junio about attitude.

2. Download this discussion sheet so your students can respond to the video prompts.

3. Gilmore Junio wants to check in with your students and get them thinking about their attitude this year! Watch the video together with your students.

4. Use these daily conversation starts throughout the week and discuss them as a class.

For every classroom moment, there’s an SEL lesson and Mindful Minute to support your teaching. Your classroom can have its own weekly Champion!

Get new content like this every week for free by signing up to Champion Check-In. All you’ll need to do is create an account with your email address, and you’re in!



Joey Duck
Classroom Champions

Joey is a former British track & field athlete who now works for Classroom Champions as Marketing Coordinator.