Meet the Classroom Champions Athlete Mentors for 2021/22

Joey Duck
Classroom Champions
3 min readSep 28, 2021


They lead teams to gold medals and rally their teammates to fight to the end.
They set goals — some of which they will reach and some they never get close to.
They learn to deal with the nerves and excitement before competing. The pure elation when they win and the disappointment when they fall short.
They build a community around them. A team of people that support them with their endeavors, and will be there for them no matter the outcome.
They build daily healthy habits.
They persevere, day after day, doing what they love.

They are the Classroom Champions athlete mentors.

Here at Classroom Champions our athlete mentors share their experiences, lead by example, and help students understand and develop the social and emotional learning skills necessary to thrive and succeed. Through the utilization of the principles of sport, students can see effort, fair play, and teamwork in a visual way that helps them connect these ideals to their own lives.

We are incredibly grateful to our athlete mentors who show up for the students and teachers year over year to support with the teaching of important social and emotional learning skills.

For the 2021/22 school year we are very honored to welcome back some seasoned athlete mentors, as well as welcoming new faces to the team.

Mentorship+ Mentors

Alison Desmarais — Speed Skating (CAN)
Alison Beverdige — Track Cycling (CAN)
Alysia Rissling — Bobsleigh (CAN)
Andrew Kurka — Para-Skiing (USA)
Annie Tansley — Ski Cross (CAN)
Breezy Johnson — Skiing (USA)
Brittany Hudak — Para Nordic Skiing (CAN)
Chris Mazdzer — Luge (USA)
Christian Taylor — Track & Field (USA)
Cody Dolan — Para-Hockey (CAN)
Cody Jones — Track & Field (US)
Dan Cnossen — Cross Country-Skiing & Biathlon (USA)
Deja Young — Track & Field (USA)
Emily Young — Nordic Skiing (CAN)
Genevieve Lalonde — Track & Field (CAN)
Gilmore Junio — Speed Skating (CAN)
Grace Dafoe — Skeleton (CAN)
Harrison Orpe — Track & Field (CAN)
Jack Wallace — Sled Hockey (CAN)
Jane Channell — Skeleton (CAN)
Jeff Zucker — Tennis (USA)
Jillian Weir — Track & Field (CAN)
Katherine Stewart-Jones — Cross Country-Skiing (CAN)
Lex Gillette — Track & Field (USA)
Made Charney — Skeleton (CAN)
Markeith Price — Track & Field (USA)
Melissa Lotholz — Bobsleigh (CSN)
Michelle Long — Figure Skating (CAN)
Mimi Rahvena — Skeleton (CAN)
Nate Richartz — Track & Field (USA)
Nate Reich — Track & Field (CAN)
Sam Bosco — Para-Cycling (USA)
Shelby Newark — Swimming (CAN)
Tiffany Parker — Bobsleigh (USA)
Tyler Carter — Para-Skiing (USA)

College Mentors

Abbey Duncan — Soccer
Ben Klaus — Sprint Football
Camryn Carter — Swimming
Davis Buchanan — Sprint Football
Faye Parker — Basketball
Jeremiah Ridge — Wrestling
Luca Curran — Sprint Football
Natalie Yang — Gymnastics
Sydney Kraetz — Gymnastics
Sydney Woods — Track & Field
William Kaiser — Wrestling

You will also find a full team of mentor videos in the SEL Foundations Curriculum!

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Joey Duck
Classroom Champions

Joey is a former British track & field athlete who now works for Classroom Champions as Marketing Coordinator.