Morning Classroom Management Routines: Setting the Tone for a Successful Day

Amber Calderon
Classroom Champions
3 min readAug 2, 2023

You know better than anyone that a well-structured morning routine sets the stage for an awesome day of learning. A positive start can make all the difference in how your students engage and thrive. In this blog post, we’ll explore some simple yet effective strategies to create a fantastic morning routine, with a little help from Classroom Champions along the way.

The Power of a Well-Structured Morning Routine

A morning routine is like a secret ingredient for a successful day in the classroom. When you start the day with a plan, it creates a sense of stability and makes your students feel secure. With a predictable start, your students can focus better on the exciting lessons ahead.

Key Elements of an Effective Morning Routine

Greeting and engaging students start with warm smiles and personal greetings to show your students that you care. Ask your students how they’re doing and listen to their responses. This small act can foster a positive and trusting atmosphere in your classroom. By creating a simple routine each morning, your kids are also able to enter the room knowing what’s expected of them, and are already started the day successfully.

Prepare for the Day with Organizational Tasks

Help your students prepare for the day by guiding them in arranging their desks and materials with what they will need. Ensuring your students are aware of the daily schedule will set clear expectations, and your class will know what to look forward to.

Try Morning Icebreaker Activities

Let’s make mornings fun! Engage your students with quick, interactive activities that promote spiral review and deeper learning.

Provide Goal-Setting and Visualization Activities

Encourage your students to set small daily objectives. This helps them feel accomplished as they achieve their goals. Visualizing success and adopting a growth mindset will boost their confidence and motivation.

Incorporate Classroom Champions for Morning Routine Success

Classroom Champions is an excellent ally to enhance your morning routine. Use our valuable resources and tools that can inspire and motivate your students. With our engaging videos and social-emotional learning materials, your class will be ready to take on the day!

  1. List activities using the a Classroom Slides Template
  2. Start the day with a Champions Check In video from an Olympic Athlete
  3. Give kids time to work on their Classroom Champions Challenge Board

Resources above found in your teacher dashboard!

Empower Students as Morning Routine Leaders

Assign some students as leaders for different tasks in the morning routine. It’s a fantastic way to foster responsibility and teamwork among your class. Watching your students take charge and support one another will make you proud!

Ensure Consistency and Flexibility: Striking the Right Balance

Consistency in your morning routine is essential, but it’s also crucial to be flexible. Life happens, and sometimes adjustments are necessary. Embrace change and show your students that it’s okay to adapt.


As teachers, you have the power to create an incredible learning environment with a positive morning routine. Starting the day off right with greetings, icebreakers, and goal-setting will make your classroom a happy place. And with Classroom Champions by your side, you have a wonderful set of resources to enrich your routine further.

So, let’s get started! Embrace the magic of a well-structured morning routine and watch your students shine with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Together, we can make each day in the classroom a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone. Happy teaching!