New Year, New Platform, New SEL Content

We’re Looking for Feedback on Our New Platform and Social and Emotional Learning Content

Darri Stephens
Classroom Champions
4 min readAug 12, 2021


Just as the pandemic hit in March 2020, we at Classroom Champions were announcing that we were launching a brand new K-8 social and emotional learning curriculum, SEL Foundations. And in conjunction with the media-rich lesson plans and family resources, we were making it all available on a brand new platform designed with teachers in mind. The platform dashboards were built to provide easy, just-in-time access to the content for our teachers.

Many of us didn’t grow up with SEL curricular resources, so we wanted to make sure that teachers could literally hold the lesson plans in the palm of their hand or connect with other teachers prioritizing SEL with a quick click of a button to our community feed. But the news of the launch quickly shifted as did the world, and we focused on making our materials and platform readily available to teachers and parents struggling with distance learning.

We kept our ears to the ground.

Throughout the past year though we’ve stayed in touch with our strong teacher community to make sure their social and emotional needs were being met, so that they, in turn, could best serve their students. And all the while, we kept asking for feedback on the new resources and platform.

  • Did you find what you were looking for?
  • How could we provide more support?
  • Where were you having hiccups on the platform?

And we took that feedback to heart, and began a V2.0 project this spring. So … we are more than pleased to announce that we have a brand new custom platform designed with and for teachers! Yet, in tech you’re never done, so now we need your constructive feedback as we launch a BETA version of the platform and community. Take a look!

So, what’s brand new?

  • We focused on the user journey to make sure that our teachers could access the core lesson plans and videos from our world-class Athlete Mentors in just a couple of clicks.
  • We grouped the content based on our monthly themes like Goal Setting, Perseverance, and Leadership. Now our teachers can find all the related resource — lesson plans, videos, family materials, PD, and more — in one spot.
  • And last but not least, we highlighted the backgrounds of our amazing Athlete Mentors, who volunteer their time to mentor classrooms across North America as part of the SEL Foundations Curriculum and Mentorship+ Program.

Then we refreshed our content and reimagined how we could invite in educators to make SEL part of their daily teaching.

  • Everyone who registers now has access to our daily media-rich SEL content in our latest and greatest offering, Champion Check-in ... for FREE, FOREVER. Hear from Evan Guthrie this week on the topic of Hard Work, and start your day with some meaningful classroom conversations.
  • Then, in honor of the Olympics, upgrade to SEL Foundations before September 6th to have 60 days of access to the ENTIRE SEL Foundations Curriculum for your grade. Try it out for free!
  • Plus. we’ve added new content to our weekly lesson plans, revamped our core lesson videos from our world-class athlete mentors, and added more student and family-facing materials in Spanish.

Don’t forget our Community!

Plus we revamped our Community, which is a cornerstone of our programming, so that our dedicated teachers can exchange best practices with one another and connect directly with their Athlete Mentors.

We’d love your feedback! How was the registration and log-in experience? Could you chat with our Support Team when you had a question? Did the videos play seamlessly? Could you access the digitized lesson plans on your desktop, tablet, or phone easily?

We’ve added a feedback form to the top of the site, so let us at Classroom Champions know your thoughts and what else we can do to help you support your students’ social and emotional development this year. Have a wonderful start to the new school year!



Darri Stephens
Classroom Champions

Founder of Darrow Ink, a content creation and content marketing consultancy; former public school teacher; edtech enthusiast; painter and writer