Olympic Gold Medalist and Classroom Champions Co-Founder Steve Mesler on NBC LX

Watch the interview!

Steve Mesler sat down with NBC LX to talk about how bringing the athlete mindset to kids is more important than ever before. Watch the full interview and learn more about getting involved at classroomchampions.org.

Steve speaks to Classroom Champions’ newest partnership with the Education for Persistence and Innovation Center (EPIC), a global interdisciplinary research center at Teachers College, Columbia University, dedicated to figuring out how to turn evidence-based failure research into a robust curriculum for schools. Together, we hope to come together to help kids learn from their failures in a productive way, helping them become the next generation of leaders.




Classroom Champions mission is to connect underserved students with world-class mentors, support teachers, and engage families so our children can achieve a successful future. Learn more at: www.classroomchampions.org

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Genevieve Adams

Genevieve Adams

Genevieve manages Classroom Champions Communications and Marketing.

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