CLASSUM Achieves 414% Growth in Sales From Previous Quarter

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3 min readJul 12, 2022


On June 28, 2022, CLASSUM (CEOs Chaerin Lee and Youjin Choi) announced that, in its first quarter of 2022, it received 414% of the sales they had received in the previous quarter.

The increase in demand by corporations was the main driving factor behind the rapid growth. Many companies are beginning to realize the importance of communication-centered learning in onboarding new talent or developing existing employees, and they are making efforts to find solutions that effectively accommodate this need.

Widespread digital transformation in companies everywhere also contributed to the increase in sales. By utilizing CLASSUM, companies that used to depend on traditional methods of group learning now offer a flexible learning environment that facilitates growth regardless of whether learners are in-person or remote.

Companies use CLASSUM to onboard new employees, upskill promoted employees, and train external personnel such as affiliates and customers. To offer some specific use cases, LG Printing Center uses CLASSUM for general job training, and the Korean Standards Association uses CLASSUM to train interns. Shiseido Professional also utilizes CLASSUM to train its hair salon employees online, expressing appreciation that CLASSUM allows employees with irregular working hours to participate in training sessions anywhere, on their own time.

Min-Seong Ju, Deputy Manager of DB Group’s Human Resources Development Center, said, “We have been using CLASSUM for two years now (since 2020). Since we found it to increase both participation and satisfaction in our training, we began using CLASSUM in more and more of our programs. Unlike an in-house solution, CLASSUM is constantly developing and updating its service, which we really appreciate. We’ve been using CLASSUM for not only internal education but also external education such as for our services for students.

Since it was founded in 2018, CLASSUM has received investment from six different companies, including Storm Ventures in the U.S.’s Silicon Valley, and has accumulated 7.4 billion KRW in total investments so far. CLASSUM is currently used as a learning platform at more than 6,000 companies and schools in 25 countries worldwide, including Samsung, LG, California State University, University of San Francisco, and Michigan State University.

CLASSUM is a community and communication centered learning platform that focuses on maximizing learner engagement. With a social media inspired design, CLASSUM increases participation and learning by encouraging easy and active collaboration. CLASSUM also facilitates blended learning by offering various connected features such as Zoom, VOD, and quizzes to make curriculum design and operation as flexible as possible. In addition, CLASSUM utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze data accumulated on the platform and group similar questions together, making management more efficient. CLASSUM can be used on its own or in conjunction with another LMS for the purpose of participant collaboration.

Chaerin Lee, Co-CEO of CLASSUM, said, “We are seeing more and more cases in which employees share important knowledge with each other on their own accord, rather than simply receiving general training or education on a unilateral basis. The corporate training industry is acknowledging that this kind of employee-led continuous learning culture is now not just an option but a necessity. The use of services such as social media, YouTube, and Zoom has become commonplace, and the digital native population is also gradually increasing. With CLASSUM, we’ve finally created a learning environment where active communication and participation can thrive.”

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