Ten Qualities of a Dream Client

‘Choose clients as you would friends’

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I am sure that it is obvious that as a holistic lifestyle coach, working with clients is the main part of my job. I am sure for those reading, it is of course the main part of yours too for whatever industry you are in.

For some of you, the word ‘client’ may sound shivers down your spine, or could put a big smile on your face. It can go either way. Clients form the fundamental part of our jobs and some are great and others…not so great!

The relationships you have with your clients are exactly that, relationships. Making sure the qualities and characteristics of your client are compatible with your own is a good idea and not only does that help you out in the long run, but the results that come from a good partnership will be a nod to the relationship.

All good clients tend to share the same set of qualities that I have narrowed down to ten below. These qualities make the process and journey so much easier and enjoyable…

  1. Clients that trust the process — your client has hired you to aid them do a job. They must trust you, respect you and have faith that you won’t let them down. You are the expert in this scenario and they need to trust that. Clients that enable you to do your job in the best way possible are ideal
  2. Clients that commit — half heartedness when you are trying to get a result can be frustrating. The clients that commit wholeheartedly and get bang for their buck get the best results. Not only is commitment ideal, but through commitment you’ll get passion. Working with someone who is genuinely passionate about what they are doing can change the whole dynamic to the working relationship
  3. Clients that are honest — what is any relationship without honesty. The same goes for any working relationship. Whether it’s good or bad news, you’ll get the best out of each other with an honest client
  4. Clients that take your advice — similar to the clients that commit, if clients are responsive and proactive with taking the advice you have been hired to give, it is more likely that they will reap the rewards
  5. Clients that communicate — keep the lines of communication open. If not, things have the potential to go up in smoke. Missed sessions, deadlines missed, shifting priorities, we are only human and this happens all the time and that is ok. Just make sure you have an open relationship to be able to keep each other in the loop
  6. Clients that really listen — there is listening and there is really listening. Knowing the difference is imperative. Do you literally see your words enter and exit your clients’ ears in the same minute or do you see them absorb the information? Active listening is great for a client to have and makes the relationship and communication channels much more fluid
  7. Clients that are comfortable with the uncomfortable — change is incredibly uncomfortable. As is the unknown. It’s a challenge to pivot your way out of that mindset, but when you do, magical things happen
  8. Clients that are patient — nothing happens overnight with anything. That’s why patience is a virtue
  9. Clients that collaborate — it’s a two way street. Participation and collaboration is necessary. Change happens with collaboration
  10. Clients that are human! We are all human, but channelling soft skills, keeping conversations open minded and open hearted creating a safe space for clients to say and feel what they want is important. Having a foundation to build a comfortable working relationship with your client will transform mind, body and soul

Do you have anymore you can add?



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Claudia Salador

Claudia Salador


Holistic Lifestyle Coach + Personal Trainer 💫 💪🏼 TOGETHER we will TRANSFORM your MIND, BODY and SOUL