Ten Quarantine Questions To Ask Yourself To Keep You On Track

‘Confined, but not broken’

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

As we brace ourselves for Lockdown 2.0 it is once again a pretty dreary and uncertain time. On reflection from the last national lockdown, the over arching thoughts and concerns are of course our mental and physical health.

The good news is that we are a little more prepared. Knowing what to expect and having coping strategies and solutions at the ready allowing us to draw on our resources to cope the best we can.

However, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed with where to begin. Try answering these questions for yourself each day. They will keep you on track, motivated, mindful, and making sure that your mental and physical health is in check…

  1. What will I achieve today?
  2. Who am I checking in on today?
  3. How am I being kind to myself today?
  4. Who am I connecting with today?
  5. What expectations am I letting go of today?
  6. How am I moving my body today?
  7. How am I getting outside today?
  8. What am I creating or cultivating today?
  9. What am I doing for myself today?
  10. What am I grateful for today?

Remember you are not alone and please do reach out for anything you need!

Photo by Nick de Partee on Unsplash



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Claudia Salador

Claudia Salador

Holistic Lifestyle Coach + Personal Trainer 💫 💪🏼 TOGETHER we will TRANSFORM your MIND, BODY and SOUL