Ten Things To Achieve In 2020

This is NOT another ‘new year new me’

I thought I would follow on from a similar post that I did around this time last year. Just because January is over, doesn’t mean that your goals are too. I always love to have a list of goals at the turn of a new year, especially that it is also a new decade. A little February reminder to keep my goals front of mind is always helpful. I don’t think at the turn of the last decade in 2010, when I was 14, that my goals would have been anyway the same as to what they are now. In that respect, it’s pretty incredible what can happen and change in ten years.

I had a quick glance at my same post last year and it really is incredible to look twelve months later and see how far I have come (despite the rocky patch this year). Interestingly, a few of them are similar or the same as last year, that just means that perhaps I wasn’t as accountable to those goals as I would have liked to have been. Instead, I’ll give myself another year to achieve them which is totally ok because these things do take time.

I want to be clear that these are goals instead of resolutions and this list below is a way in which I can keep myself accountable. After reading this post… I challenge YOU to write your ten things that you want to achieve this year. For a little inspiration… here are mine!

  1. Schedule time to meditate daily → I have used meditation this year as a coping mechanism and it has really worked. It is incredibly important to ‘switch off’ from our days and focus on ourselves and our mental health. This is becoming all the more prominent in culture today and it should not be neglected
  2. Finish my qualifications that I started this year → These are still my little secret, but you will know about them soon enough…
  3. Travel to more destinations → I have really found my love of travelling and exploring new places the last few years and I hope to continue this in 2020
  4. Stay accountable with posting Ten Things! → This is something that I have tried to do for a year or so and it just hasn’t happened. I feel in a much better head space for fulfilling this so hopefully 2020 is the year that this changes
  5. Listen to more podcasts → Instead of listening to the radio on car journeys, the aim is to listen to a podcast instead. I love to learn and spending those minutes in the car listening rather than singing could in the long run be more beneficial
  6. Practice Gratitude → Gratitude is extremely powerful and practising it is a very reflective and grounding exercise. There are numerous benefits to this practice including reducing stress, being kinder to yourself, increased happiness and positivity
  7. Start to learn a new language → A bucket list goal. To be able to speak or even converse in another language is an ultimate goal. The world is a big place and to expect to go to another country and expect them to speak your language I think is naive. Spanish is the third most widely spoken language and one I studied at school so picking it up again would be great
  8. Go With The Flow → I must admit, I am quite a controlling person. Less so after 2019, but the aim is to relinquish the control just a little bit more this year
  9. Bake/Cook More → Towards the end of this year, I have really found a new love of baking. I never grew up with anyone in my family baking but after finding a love for making something delicious and people enjoying it, I want to do it more. Plus, who doesn’t like sweet treats and cakes!
  10. Continue to decrease screen time → I have been tracking my screen time on my phone and laptop this year after noticing the figures were pretty high. I want to work on this a bit more and be more in the moment. It’s tricky when my phone is my work so it’s a little harder to detach myself from it

Like I said earlier… what are yours?



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