Ten Ways To Regain Your Emotional Energy

‘You only have so much emotional energy each day. Don’t fight battles that don’t matter’

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Ostensibly your life seems exctiting, full, busy, bursting at the seems and you are juggling everything that you can possibly manage at once. Yet, you feel like you’re running on empty. Thinly stretched, stressed out and drained, not just physically, but emotionally. There are some days that you feel flat, joyless and all around ‘bla’ even after a good night’s sleep. This is because your emotional tank is running low.

Remember that these feelings are totally natural, nothing to feel bad or guilty about but just a little trough that you will come out of with a little bit of TLC. Sometimes that’s all it needs…

Learn how to tap into this habits, and when you do, you’ll discover it is like a energy source. Remember, we are all totally different so play around with what fits best and makes you feel less drained..

  1. You do you — and not what others want you to do. No, this does not mean you are being rude, annoying or selfish. You are prioritising yourself, finding your pockets of freedom, don’t feel caged or lose yourself. Create moments of doing more of what you want and do what makes you happy
  2. Set boundaries — boundaries are important in all aspects of your life. Knowing where you stand and what is acceptable in a whole host of scenarios means you will have less chance of feeling undervalued, loved and/or being taken advantage of
  3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable — opening up to love, trust, genuineness and sincerity gives you emotional strength and wisdom to judge situations. You don’t always have to act tough
  4. Say no — no is a word for a reason. You don’t always have to say yes. If something isn’t giving you satisfaction. Either stop doing it. Or do it differently. Making yourself do something you really don’t want to do can be soul destroying, it can sap you emotionally and leave you exhausted by calling upon all your time and energy. It’s very simple… just say no. When you do, you’ll gain a whole new sense of self
  5. Stop worrying about the little things — action is the cure for worry. Worrying never allows good ideas or solutions to flourish. It torments and exhausts. Especially when we are worrying about the menial things. Worrying is a negative and draining emotion. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If it’s that small, then it really doesn’t matter…
  6. Laugh — rediscover your inner child. I’m not just talking about a little smile at a cute puppy on the television but I want you in fits of giggles, crying with laughter, cheeks hurting laughter. They do say that laughter is the best medicine and is scientifically proven to releive physical tension, stress and boosts the immune system
  7. Don’t fear the past — the past is the past for the reason. It is nothing to be scared of as we are now in the present. The mistakes and lessons you learn from the past, teach us how to make better and different decisions in the present and future. Patterns start to emerge and we can learn so much. If the past is incredibly problematic, talk or write things down. Writing can help release emotions with no judgement
  8. Allow yourself to switch off — Now more than ever with what is currently ongoing globally take this time to reset, to rest, to read, listen to music, switch off a little. It’s not often that the world comes to a hault and we actually have TIME on our hands. Not everyday has to be business as usual, especially in this strange scenario
  9. Speak to and about yourself positively — this is something I think that we are all guilty of. We are often so hard on ourselves you forget to acknowledge what we have achieved. Turning those negative statements about yourself and your life into positive balancing statements. This will lower levels of distress and give yourself positive reinforcement. This will boost emotional strength. Additionally, this can include comparissons. Let’s admit it, we all do it. Envy is a powerful and utterly pointless drain. Being grateful for you and what you have will give you a real injection of your emotional energy back
  10. Start the day on the right foot — make your bed, mediate, have a nutritious breakfast, get active, get off a tube stop early and walk your way into the office. Do what it takes to prime your mind, body and soul to be how you’d like to be for the rest of the day. Taking care of yourself and starting your day on with your best foot forward is always going to be an encouraging sign in regaining that emotional energy. You are fuelling yourself with positivity, physical energy and you’ll FEEL GOOD!

If ever you are feeling a little lacklustre and sapped of your emotional energy and its not fatigue, give some of these a go: Mindfulness, meditation a walk outside and exercise. Partaking in any of these may help give you the boost you need.

Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash



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