Business Accelerator builds a Business Relationship to bring Ideas and People together.

Where did I hear about Brian Rose? On Twitter, I was interested in Ted Talks and listened to an ex banker inspire millions not with his words but actions to make London Real universal.

I received a direct message to show up to his webinar. I was over my head with this one. I pulled the trigger to the Business Accelerator 8 week intense program.

Brian inspired me from the beginning because he believed in my potential even though I had no clue how is it possible I can tap into my innate entrepreneur?

Every day I wanted to quit the course. I was out of my league. Brian reminded me to trust the process and take extreme ownership. I don’t know if my life would have changed before I met Brian.

What I realized about this course is the incredible people I met. The course was energized with all of us. Brian was the conductor and we were the orchestra. The collaboration of his core team made the music flow.

The highlights of the course were the Vlogs where we communicate our struggles, experiences and amazing stories. These Vlogs gave me the courage to do webinars to promote my Intellectual Property.

Each module taught me to believe in my True potential. Bullet proof my idea to find a micro niche using the tool of MOM (Marketing Opportunity Map) was one of my struggles since I came in the course focusing on a different idea.

My nurse background experience working with PTSD has brought my idea to life. It was an idea that was a challenge because I dealt with burnout in the field.

Brian showed us how to bring our business idea from passion and purpose. Understand the “Why” and how to add value to others.

I did not only grow in this course in the business sense. It was the hardest workout I did, yes, sweat, tears and blood.

I fought with technical resistance. I surrendered to let go of my Ego to work with my heart.

Brian, I am happy you left the bank industry to give us the opportunity for growth and personal development with London Real Academy.

Thank you Brian for being a great leader and mentor to make Revitalize 2Success happen with my passion and purpose.