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Free hosting and software support for charities who are helping COVID-19 victims

Across the world, 2020 has been hard for all of us. The degree may vary, but we have all went through difficult times, many of us got infected, many of our friends and relatives got sick, sadly few of us left us forever. May God bless us all.

Gulf countries, namely UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain, have not been different. As international travel hubs, tourist destinations, and pilgrimage places, it was obvious that the invisible virus would hit us hard. The governments, health workers, civil society, and administration took all possible precautions. Because of that, we have had the smallest mortality rates, and we have quickly flattened the curve. The patients were provided with the best possible care, treatment, and continue to be so.

So many charities across the Gulf helped patients, financially and medically. Many expatriates lost jobs, businesses made losses, and many shut shops. COVID curve flattened, eventually we will be out of this pandemic, sooner rather than later. But the scars will remain.

Victims need support continuously, probably for many months, even years. Charities also need support. Our management and staffs provide financial and logistic support for charities. More than that we provide them the best we have- technologies.

We give call-center support ( in partnership with 3CX solution) , hosting support ( with Google ), computers and servers ( with DELL ) , ERP software ( with ERPNext ), and our technical team provides the best possible technical support and training.

We will continue to provide support charities in the Gulf, and we are looking for support from our clients and customers as well. Contact us on

Stay safe and stay alive.

Team Claudion —

Originally published at on August 1, 2020.



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