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Introducing LAND Properties in Clava LAND.

As many of you already know, Clava LAND is a new Metaverse that’s created, changed & built through its Citizens in game actions. The goal is to create a world that is constantly adapting & evolving based on what the Users inside of it are doing.

We are currently in the beginning stages of building our world. We’re currently selling plots of LAND, these plots of LAND will be Airdropped to their owners at the end of the Summer… unless we sell out sooner 😉




Our Metaverse is built on top of Artificial Intelligence, that reacts to a Users positive & negative in game actions. Each action will have an effect on Clava LAND, creating a true DAO.

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AJ Picard

AJ Picard

Running Clava App & Sauce Designs. Sharing my insight and journey as an Entrepreneur & self taught Designer.

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