Eat the Fish and Spit out the Bones

Gleaning meaning from 2020's 366 days of chaos and hatred

Some folks call 2020 a waste. Not so. Like twenty pounds of manure packed in a five-pound bag, last year overflowed with ruin, crazy, and hate.

As someone who tries to glean meaning from situations and people, I see everything as an opportunity to learn. To me, time is wasted only when, in retrospect, I feel I haven’t learned something. Like you, I was blessed enough to survive 2020, but what was it all about? Where is the meaning? What is the takeaway from all the hate and crazy?

To survive the dumpster fire of the past 365 days without having learned, matured, or deepened my understand about something — that, Sugar Lump, is a waste of the highest order. You see, to forego gleening the meaning from circumstances and people sets us up to repeat the same mistakes or fall for the same ruses.





My late grandmother had a sage maxim she’d throw out whenever I asked her one of those fundamental questions that began, Why? Her reply, a succinct and loving—

Eat the fish, spit out the bones.

In essence, those seven words are a call to keep what’s useful and discard the rest. For me, there are many takeaways from 2020, but the two that stood out to me are—

1. There is no depth to some people’s hatred of Black people and loyalty to white supremacy.

2. When enacted, love and care can heal, undo, and repair just about anything.

When I look at the events of 2020, they are motivated by one of two emotions: hate or love. And thankfully, when the second is embraced and enacted, the former’s effects can be bent toward making the world more equitable. Be warned though, love is not going along to get along.

What about you? What meaning are you able to bring with you into this sparkling new year?

Love one another.

Author, artist, accidental activist, founder Our Human Family ( Social media: @clayrivers. Love one another.

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