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When the iPhone launched in 2007 at the dawn of the worst financial crisis to hit the world since the 1930’s Great depression. Few predicted the changes it would bring about in societies all over the world.

The smartphone revolution which we take for granted today has revolutionized every market the average person could think of. Millions of people who had never once connected to the internet got their first experience of it using the smartphone, and not by what most would have thought the desktop computer. Businesses in the existence of decades who had seen the internet boom of the ’90s and had made it could not understand the force they were up against and promptly went bankrupt. The smartphone spared no one.

On a micro level, the smartphone is the most personal device a person will possess. The smartphone has made it possible to connect with family and friends like never before. An evening bus ride will confirm the entertainment value that the smartphone adds, with many of them watching the latest video that youtube might recommend. The benefits of the smartphone on individual lives cannot be overstated.

But let’s not forget the smartphone at the end of the day is just fancy electronics, the natural question to think about is. What succeeds it? It is hard to imagine a device that could be more personal than the smartphone. Just step back and think about it. A quick google search will reveal that the alternatives most people are thinking about are hardware which will be implanted in a person.

The role of technology has been pivotal in the advancement of civilization and the smartphone is just a chapter in this long book still being written, but the smartphone revolution is just getting started, even today about 1 billion people still do not own a phone. As for the rest of us who do own them, it’s time for an upgrade.



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