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Starting from the day you wake up to the time to hit the bed, in every free time you get, you check out the pop-up notifications on your social media. Today with 2.4 billion monthly active Facebook users. Every small business is now actively using social media to engage with their clients. From understanding your clients need to build your brand, social media is now the most powerful tool to use.
Here are the top 5 why Social Media is important for your brand.

1. Building your brand:

More than 2.89 billion which account to 39% of the total world population use Social Media, which is a huge market. Today every individual Instagram or Facebook user follow at least 10 brands on your Social media. Having a social media presence of your brand, you are boosting your visibility among potential customers, letting you reach a wide audience. Millennial are increasing the time spending on Social Media, and either you are running e-commerce, fashion, hotels or any business, Social media is the right platform to build your brand without sending any amount of money.

2. Networking and Connecting with your clients.

With so many online users online, now you can directly connect to your potential employees and clients. You can find amazing developers, excellent marketer, creative designer, and influencers who can advertise your product. Creating a social media account with business is free and with that, today small e-commerce businesses are connecting directly to their customers to sell their products. With Facebook Marketplace available to all, individuals’ sellers, real estate agencies are just a click away to their customers. Now, Instagram users can shop on the app and make the payment without leaving the app. Facebook live video also has six times more interactions than recorded video. These interactions keep your brand top of mind and tip of tongue and are a way to attract the meaning engagement that Facebook wants.

3. Understanding the Clients Needs:

With all the available features comments, sharing, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and all sort of things. Every consumer reaches out to brand either for feedback or praises. You can use social media as a platform to distinguish your brand from competitors, too. Showing consumers that your brand personality is clearly defined and consistent is valuable, but you also want to make sure you are also wrapping your brand identity with common trends on the internet (as appropriate) to show your audience that you are up-to-date on the world around you.

4. Creating a Free Marketing:

When Elon Musk launched his new Tesla Cyber Truck last year in 2019, the internet got in burst turning his newly launched Cyber Truck into a meme. Netizen started making a meme out of it and suddenly it was trending in all social media including LinkedIn, Twitter and in less than 48 hours of the unveiling, Elon confirms that Tesla sold 146,000 Cyber Truck without any advertising or paid endorsement. So, even without having a good marketing strategy, you can create a big market through the use of powerful social media just by creating creative content for your brand. Because there is a huge market in Social Media, and every click increases the possibility to reach more people. Small and local businesses use Social Media to sell their products without any paid advertisement.

5. Having a better target audience:

With all the customize tools available in all social media, every content can be specifically designed for each particular audience. Facebook provides a feature called Facebook Lookalike for creating ads on Facebook and Instagram where you mention all the type of audience you want your ads to reach. You can also create ads for your local market on particular demography.

From engaging with your customers, selling your product and to building your company’s brand, Social Media is what it takes to do in today’s millennial era.



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