Andrew Thurman
May 20 · 3 min read
Honeycomb Announces Four New APIs

CLC Group is thrilled to announce that four new APIs will soon be available through our Honeycomb Marketplace: CivicFeed, TheRundown, Sports Open Data, and CoinAPI. These new providers significantly expand our sports gambling offerings, bolsters our crypto market feed providers, and for the first time enable developers to write contracts that respond to real-world headlines.

About CivicFeed

CivicFeed parses news, press releases and government documents, extracting information across disparate data sources and delivering alerts as information changes. CivicFeed enables access to the millions of publishers they track across the internet, social media, TV and radio broadcasts, and even increasingly influential niche media outlets. CivicFeed’s coverage includes 210 Nielsen designated market areas and over 2,200 TV and radio stations, including all major network affiliates and national cable stations, with over 50,000 hours of searchable content captured daily.

About TheRundown

TheRundown offers real-time odds from major sportsbooks, including 5Dimes, Bovada, TopBet, Pinnacle, and others. Their API enables gamblers to instantly discover the best lines across all sportsbooks, catching arbitrage and surebet opportunities as line movements happen across books in real-time. Additionally, their data allows users to immediately see the current and historical movements for specific books and specific games

About Sports Open Data

Backed by a developer community of over 2,000 partners and projects, Sports Open Data is a leading data provider for nine football leagues worldwide, including La Liga, Premier League, and Serie A. Their APIs also provide access to historical data dating back 15+ years.

About CoinAPI

CoinAPI is a platform which provides fast, reliable and unified data APIs to cryptocurrency markets. Their data is pulled from nearly 200 exchanges, covers 5800 different assets, and stores 50 terabytes of historical market movements. Market symbol details and asset codes are double-checked by real humans to ensure maximum quality, and their system processes nearly 14,000 updates per second.

Sample Endpoints

Crypto Quote Data

CoinAPI’s crypto quote API aggregates 197 providers for their data feeds to cover the maximum number of exchanges and provide decentralized, reliable data. Covering just under 6,000 crypto assets, their output variables also include best asking price, best bidding price, and orderbook volume depth up to 20 asks/bids.

News Data

CivicFeed’s news data API allows contracts to search through millions of articles from CivicFeed’s data catalog. This includes news, public data, think-tank research, and more — all aggregated from thousands of publishers across the Internet. Their news API can also track engagement, measuring the number of times a certain article has been shared on social media.

Orderbook Data

TheRundown API offers the fastest available odds, all accurate up-to-the-second. They offer real-time odds from major sportsbooks, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, & NCAA Basketball. User can call odds from over a dozen sportsbooks, in addition to: Moneyline, Spread, and Total for full games; 1st half, 2nd half; and 1st Quarter/Period through 4th Quarter/Period.

Live Score Data

In addition to odds, TheRundown offers access to real-time scores and additional supplementary data, including: Live scores, Event status (started, in-progress, halftime, etc.), Game period, Scores by period, Winners, Venue name and location, Game clock, and other endpoints to allow a variety of gambling contracts.

Through the Honeycomb API marketplace, these APIs will be available to Chainlink node operators via per-call pricing and serverless external adapters. New users can expect, within minutes, to connect their node to any API listed on Honeycomb.

To stay up to date on our project’s progress, you can join our online communities on Telegram, Twitter and Reddit.

Until next time,

CLC Group

CLC Group

CLC Group is a blockchain lab focused on developing real-world connected smart contract solutions for a more trustless, efficient and secure future.

Andrew Thurman

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CLC Group

CLC Group

CLC Group is a blockchain lab focused on developing real-world connected smart contract solutions for a more trustless, efficient and secure future.

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