Ian Adams
Ian Adams
Aug 6 · 2 min read

If you’re a frequent reader of the Clean Energy Trust blog, it’s a pretty good bet you are interested in other good sources for news and insight. So, we’ve pulled together this list of resources for news and perspective on energy, venture capital, and entrepreneurship more broadly.

Of course, this list of newsletters, blog, podcasts, books, and twitter influencers is just a start — let us know what we’ve missed and we can update the list over time.


Axios’ Generate — Daily energy news roundup

Axios’ Pro Rata — Daily venture capital & private equity news roundup

Fortune’s Term Sheet — Daily venture capital & private equity news roundup

Benedict’s Newsletter — Ben Evans’ weekly summary of interesting tech and investing news, along with his own interesting takes


My colleague Paul published a post last year specifically on good podcasts for cleantech entrepreneurs, so I’m going to link to that here and also include his recommendations below:

Blogs, and Websites

GreenTech Media — Good source for news and analysis on all kinds of clean energy.

A VC — Blog by Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures — lots of interesting commentary on venture investing in general, and blockchain in particular

Ben Thompson’s Stratechery https://stratechery.com/

Twitter Influencers

These days it can be hard to keep up, but there is a lot of valuable insight is shared publicly on Twitter. Here are a few of the most relevant folks I’d recommend paying attention to on #energytwitter:

David Roberts, energy and climate writer at Vox — @drvox

Jesse Jenkins, energy systems engineering professor at Princeton — @JesseJenkins

Shayle Kann, Managing Director at Energy Impact Partners — @shaylekann

Stephen Lacey, contributing editor to Greentech Media and founder of Post Script Audio — @Stphn_Lacey

Katherine Hamilton, Chair of 38 North Solutions — @CleanGridView

Jigar Shah, founder of Sun Edison & President of Generate Capital — @JIgarShahDC

Rob Day, General Partner at Spring Lane Capital — @cleantechinv

Michael Liebreich, Founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance — Michael Liebreich

Bill Gates, energy investor, philanthropist, and founder of Microsoft — @BillGates

Askshat Rathi, Quartz’s energy and climate reporter — @AkshatRathi


There are better and more comprehensive resources out there for books on venture capital and entrepreneurship (see here and here for other better lists), but here are a few good ones to get started with:

Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson’s Venture Capital Deals

Clayton Christenson’s The Innovator’s Dilemna

Peter Thiel’s Zero to One

Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Clean Energy Trust

Clean Energy Trust finds, funds, and grows high-impact cleantech startups from the Midwest

Ian Adams

Written by

Ian Adams

I work at Clean Energy Trust in Chicago. I’m passionate about clean energy, innovation, and market driven solutions.

Clean Energy Trust

Clean Energy Trust finds, funds, and grows high-impact cleantech startups from the Midwest

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