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Bitcoin Is a Better Battery

  • What’s the modern-day definition of a battery?
  • How do we measure battery performance?
  • How does this idea apply differently to PoW and PoS cryptos?
  • What’s the connection to where crypto and green energy are headed?

Battery Basics

(Photo: iStock)

Bitcoin is a Better Battery

  • One can transfer it quite easily across the world in minutes 24/7
  • It has no storage costs meaning, unlike gold bullion that must be secured in a safe environment (at a cost to the owner), bitcoin can freely reside on a digital wallet
  • Its supply will always be capped at 21 million bitcoins.
  • Gold supply generally increases by about 2% per year — if gold continues to increase in value, new mining activities could further increase supply per year

Plugging Bitcoin into P2X



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