Feeding My Curiosity through Trial and Error

By Ari Palley, Financial Analyst at Soluna

At a startup company everyone is expected to be a jack of all trades. We all have our “assigned” roles, but the scope of what we do and how much we can learn is limitless. I, for example, am a research and financial analyst. This is my comfort zone.

But I am constantly learning and challenging myself and I am not limited by my role.

Having a growth mindset is crucial in a startup. You must be willing to learn about every part of the business, be prepared to pivot in a new direction at a moment’s notice, and constantly challenge yourself and the team to think in new ways. Being part of a startup entails making mistakes and learning from them. At Soluna, we have more meetings than I can count — we are always innovating. It is important to be realistic and acknowledge when our approach is off.

Speaking of pivoting…I also contribute to the marketing efforts at Soluna.

Marketing is so much more complex than I had ever thought. One of the aspects of marketing which has been most interesting to learn is the use of social media in today’s world. Given that there are several platforms and each serves a different purpose or audience, there isn’t a universal tool for effective engagement. For example, we use Medium to publish our blogs and LinkedIn and Twitter are helpful for sharing content and connecting with the right audience. Learning what is the best approach takes time. We need to be willing to test different methods and adjust accordingly based on the results.

Soluna has been a positive experience for me. I have grown professionally and I have honed my interpersonal skills by learning how to effectively give and receive feedback. I appreciate the flexibility and autonomy. More importantly, I thrive in an environment where I am encouraged to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Having a supportive team means that I know I can rely on my colleagues and feel comfortable sharing my perspective on any topic. Teamwork is more important than what any one of us can accomplish individually. We complement each other and so the strength of our organization is greater than the sum of our individual abilities.

It’s a great feeling when it all comes together.

There is not a single day that I leave work without having learned something new or thinking about something in a different way. My job is so rewarding and I really like working with great people who are trying to make the world a better place.

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