Bitmark’s Official Blog

by Shannon Appelcline.

As the Bitmark blockchain becomes more popular for NFTs, health data, music royalties and other types of digital property, we are frequently asked about the energy impact of the Bitmark blockchain and of blockchains in general.

Energy & The Blockchain

The energy usage of blockchains has been in the news a…

On March 19th, at 10AM PST, Bitmark is proud to launch Feral File with the software art exhibition Social Codes curated by renowned artist and Processing programming language co-creator Casey Reas. The following is adapted from Close-Ups on Feral File.

Social Codes curated by Casey Reas, featuring artists Andrew Benson, LIA, Dmitri Cherniak, Raven Kwok, Anna Carreras, Manolo Gamboa Naon, Maya Man, Frederik Vanhoutte, Saskia Freeke, Dave Whyte. (Image courtesy of Dmitri Cherniak.)

At Bitmark, we believe that agreements around digital property (data…

by Shannon Appelcline.

In the last few years, headlines have blared that Bitcoin has grotesque energy costs. The Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index (Footnote 1) currently estimates 78 TWh a year. More importantly, in these years of climate change, which is a real, global crisis, they note a carbon footprint of…

Bitmark’s Official Blog

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