Bitmark Launches Autonomy and Raises $5.6M Led by Galaxy Interactive and North Island Ventures to Bridge Traditional Art Collectors With the Digital Art and NFT Ecosystem

The funding will be used to scale Autonomy, the world’s first app designed for Multi-chain NFT organization and experience, and onboard artists onto Bitmark’s Feral File digital art gallery platform.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. June 06, 2022 — Bitmark Inc., creator of the Feral File digital art gallery, has announced the launch of Autonomy, its new experiential NFT wallet, alongside a new round of $5.6M in funding led by Galaxy Interactive and North Island Ventures. Prior Bitmark investors include WI-Harper, Alibaba, Cherubic, Digital Currency Group, HTC, Ed Moncada (co-founder Blockfolio), Kevin Lin (co-founder Twitch), and Charles Huang (co-creator Guitar Hero). Bitmark is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, recognized for its advances in building blockchain-driven tools that help individuals own, control, and activate their property rights around digital assets.

Bitmark’s new financing will scale Autonomy and expand Feral File’s art gallery programming, with a unified mission to bring mainstream and digital art enthusiasts together. Autonomy is an app designed to help people organize, search, and experience their NFTs, akin to how Google Photos handles large digital photo collections. Autonomy is chain-agnostic, supporting NFT art from Ethereum, Tezos, and Bitmark blockchains all within one platform. Autonomy is available today on both iPhone and Android.

Bitmark’s co-founder and CEO Sean Moss-Pultz said, “The enjoyment of digital art is currently constrained to viewings on a computer web browser as current NFT wallet apps only show a thumbnail and won’t render generative artwork, a video, or full high-res image. Autonomy helps collectors escape from the cold user experience of crypto wallets to enter the real world of mobile apps and physical displays such as projectors and televisions. We’re excited for this next round of funding to help collectors experience, organize, and search their digital art collection without restrictions. The more ways that people can interact with their collections in everyday settings, the more value they will have and lead to greater awareness, excitement, and adoption of digital art.”

With Autonomy, users can:

  • 1) Unite their art collection across multiple blockchains and platforms.
  • 2) Enjoy their collection via an art-oriented user interface, set up their own home or office gallery.
  • 3) In July, users will be able to activate the property rights around their collection, such as loaning an artwork to a friend.

Travis Scher, Managing Partner at North Island Ventures added, “Bitmark’s vision is to make the art world more inclusive for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts, by reducing the learning curve without reducing individual autonomy. We’re incredibly excited to support this innovative company.”

Since its launch one year ago, Feral File has launched NFT art exhibitions with partners such as the Museum of Modern Art, as well as curated exhibitions across a wide range of artists, formats and themes.

Casey Reas, artist and co-creator of Feral File and the Processing programming language, added, “We started Feral File with a simple purpose, to help create more pathways for digital artists to establish careers and sustain their studios. By making Feral File accessible to a wide range of art enthusiasts, we’ve taken steps towards growing the global art community while bringing people together. I look forward to building more tools for our artists and growing our team to strengthen artist visibility across new spaces.”

Additional notable Feral File artists include Refik Anadol, Anna Ridler, Tyler Hobbs, Auriea Harvey, Dmitri Cherniak, Petra Cortright, Sofia Crespo, Iskra Velitchkova, Andrew Thomas Huang, and Rafaël Rozendaal. Feral File has worked to bridge digital art natives with mainstream art enthusiasts through its focus on accessibility via a lower priced edition model and wide range of payment options including credit cards, USDC, BTC, and ETH. Feral File is built on Bitmark’s blockchain property rights technology that supports artists by securing property rights for both artists and collectors, while supporting a wide range of digital file formats, and formalizing collaborative economic models between artists.

“Feral File is a different kind of artistic platform. As a contributor, I was able to collaborate with top-notch artists from around the world. Feral File’s staff went above and beyond to build a custom exhibition that allowed collectors to harmoniously enjoy digital and physical artwork,” said James Merrill, a featured artist on Feral File said.

About Bitmark Inc.

Founded in 2014, Bitmark’s mission is to make individuals their own gatekeepers. We develop cryptographic products that let people collaborate while protecting their activities and assets. Awarded as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2020. Bitmark is the creator and parent company of Feral File and Autonomy. For more information, please visit The company is hiring, and if you would like to partner in a company that invests in you as much as you invest in your work, learn about the company openings here.



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