CleanApp Whitepaper (+ Bounty)

After more than a year of several fairly deep dives into different streams of economics, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), and regulatory research, we are proud to share our recently published CleanApp Whitepaper.

For reasons that become clear as you join our intellectual process, this is not your usual tech or Blockchain whitepaper.

Moving away from the fetish of “fully trustless” networking and fiat-like cryptocurrencies, our big idea is that we can actually operationalize a global currency that is backed by tangible commodities — location data to resources like recyclables, scrap metals, and other materials.

“More CleanApp Reports lead to more CleanApp Response actions, producing higher recyclable yields.” -CleanApp:2020 (Photo by Ant Rozetsky)

CleanApp’s #TrashCash, #GoldKen, #TrashHash (or whatever it goes on to be called) is a direct challenge to the dominant paradigm that posits “trash” as worthless, pollution as “externalizable,” and waste as inherently untrackable.

The prism offered in the CleanApp Whitepaper allows us to view even the smallest items of “litter,” “waste,” and “rubbage” as nothing more and nothing less than valuable material resources. CleanApp provides a roadmap for aggregating and operationalizing these seemingly worthless disparate scraps of data into far more valuable streaming bundles of resource data.

Aggregated, optimized, streaming resource location data is not only intrinsically valuable: it’s far more intrinsically valuable than any other cryptocurrency, coin, or token in existence — including platform tokens like ETH or MIOTA. Here’s why. Here’s also why.

Shoulders of Giants

The CleanApp Whitepaper is the result of a long and globally collaborative thought process.

Our Whitepaper builds on the core inventions in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Whitepaper, Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum Whitepaper, trailblazing IOTA research papers, and discussions with numerous DLT/Blockchain developer communities & policymakers.

Our research also stands on the shoulders of the pioneering work of Blockchain developers & environmentalists like Seán Lynch, whose @Littercoin project ( conclusively proves that Blockchain rewards work to incentivize waste reporting.

Major Breakthroughs

At this stage, OpenLitterMap employs Blockchain advances to give reporters rewards for reporting activity.

The major breakthrough of CleanApp’s approach is incentivizing every step of the reporting-analytics-response transactional chain — not just rewarding people for reporting litter, but also rewarding people for doing verification & cleanup activity!

Five years ago, when we prosecuted our core patent in the U.S., we anticipated the unprecedented market opportunities (& obvious environmental gains) that flow from decentralized waste/hazard/incident report-response markets.

Today, these markets are in their infancy, but they are alive and flourishing.

Good Bye Skepticism, Hello Opportunity

In 2013, when we told friends about our vision of a not-too-distant future when they would be jogging and CleanApping simultaneously, even our closest friends were skeptical.

“The easier it is to report waste, litter & hazards, the more people will do so.” -CleanApp (photo by Seth Macey)

In just five years, the world has transcended the widespread skepticism and feasibility barrier that usually attaches to trying to “monetize” previously “unmonetizable” activities. Today, one of the strongest arguments for embracing CleanApp is the lack of any viable counterargument.

Everyone we speak to today understands that a global CleanApp process and global CleanApp data markets are big opportunities.

Firms like Rubicon Global & SeeClickFix show the robust revenue potential of “Uber-of-trash” and civic reporting at enterprise and national scales. These firms simultaneously show the vast untapped potential of “Uber-of-trash” & 311-type reporting at global and individual-level scales.

Today, advances in DLT/Blockchain, advances in AR, advances in Robotics show that full-spectrum indoor and outdoor CleanApping (and human, semi-autonomous, & fully autonomous reponse mechanisms) are going to be a reality much sooner than even we imagined.

As we point out in our 5-part article explaining why @Littercoin/CleanApp may turn out to be crypto’s elusive “killer app” — the real genius of @littercoin is proof & illustration that multilateral globally-decentralized resource-location markets are feasible using existing BlockTech.

It’s up to us to now imagine what’s possible with forthcoming advances in BlockTech. And it’s up to us to seize those opportunities.

Not Only New Data Markets, New Paradigms

We all know that data markets become even bigger with every subsequent wave of technological advance. We all know that advances in software, hardware & regulatory approaches now allow firms to monetize goods & services at micro- and macro-level scales that were previously unthinkable.

We all know there is cash in trash, and yet nobody has successfully applied our collective knowhow to tackle this seemingly intractable global problem, on global scales.
Today’s commodity & recycling markets are global. CleanApp does two seemingly contradictory things with the existing market model: (1) it makes commodity/recycling data markets even more global, adding much greater overall market liquidity; (2) simultaneously, CleanApp opens new outlets for hyper-local resource reuse. (photo by Alfonso Navarro)

Aside from new tech and market potential, the CleanApp Whitepaper outlines an entirely new global paradigm for recycling. In so doing, the CleanApp Whitepaper offers new ways of solving some of civilization’s most intractable problems: waste & hazardous environmental conditions.

We Want You To Crash Our Logic

We encourage you to engage with our ideas in the most critical way you can.

We are so confident in the coherence, integrity, viability, and inevitability of global CleanApp tech that we are offering a handsome bounty to the persons or teams that can expose fatal cracks in our logic.

We’ll announce the scope & terms of our bounty program shortly, so please stay tuned.

To get started CleanApping, feel free to visit our home ( or delve straight into the CleanApp Whitepaper. Thank you, and welcome to CleanApp!