What stories will you tell about our generation? Will we be heroes or villains?

Dear Tomorrow Kiddos,

Today, we at CleanApp are doing everything humanly possible to give people the easiest possible ways to report litter and hazards, so that your lives can be cleaner & safer.

We spend nights thinking about incentive structures, network maps, and trash tracking tools. We spend days writing about our experiences, sharing these stories with the world. We get sad when we don’t see the results we seek as quickly as we think they should be coming our way. But then we stumble upon stories like this, with legions of dads waking up to realization that, in a way, we all are #ClimateDads that our hearts as fathers swell over with love for you, little ones, and for the fellow ClimateWoke families out there.

We love you, future #ClimatePioneers, #AstroGeologists, and #BiosphereAnalysts! Be kind to one another, and always remember to CleanApp! https://www.change.org/p/want-google-to-activate-trash-hazard-reporting?utm_source=embedded_petition_view

Thank you,