Zero to CleanApp In Under 1 Minute

We’re often asked to explain CleanApp in very short “elevator pitch” formats. This is hard to do for any idea, but especially one with as many moving parts as ours. But here it is:

CleanApp in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, CleanApp is tech that allows users to submit photos of trash/litter/hazards anywhere in the world. CleanApp then pairs those reports with likely responsible parties.

CleanApp in Silicon Valley Speak

Here’s what CleanApp does:

CleanApp is a patented global trash/hazard mapping process, currently in development for different hardware and software platforms. CleanApp’s core function is to serve as a streaming data I/O & analytics backend, processing billions of real-time litter/hazard reports from billions of global users and then facilitating decentralized transactions between CleanApp Reporters & CleanApp Responders. It’s like EBay+Uber-of-Trash.

CleanApp builds markets around GPS-mapped litter incident rates, litter hotspots, all the way down to individual CleanApp Reports for individual pieces of litter, like a single cigarette butt.

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