Cleaning up your mind,part II. Practice

Dear reader,

Today, I am going represent cleaning up your mind — let it go technique, in other words, practical studies on ‘emotions release’ released by Dr. Richard J. Davidson from State University of New York in collaboration with Dr.David C. McClelland from Harvard university.

So let’s start.

Lay down and feel your body from toes till head. Start to think about feet toes, fingertips, one by one, feel your legs, hips, imagine, how warm goes from down to up. Nice warming feeling coming up through your body parts you keep your attention in.

Now, think about something shitty, heavy, bad experience you had. Feel as you back in that (I know, it sounds ,painful, but this is method let it go eventually) and imagine the door inside about of yourself. Say yourself in your mind words like this: ,,my body knows, how let to go the pain, I feel that and let it go’’. You accept, don’t stop the flow of emotions you feel, because in the same time you admit, confess and affirm in yourself affirm in yourself fully acceptance with repeating simple phrases as:,,Yes, yes, yes…”.

You accept your flow and let go through your imaginary door inside. Do that as long as you feel pain, as long as you feel something from that still in you there. Let all sediment to go. Do not be attached to past. Clean yourself.
From inside for outside changes. To change reality, for a better. For a sweet revenge after all. Just make a job done as often as possible.

As long as you feel something inside as long you continue your inside cleaning practice.


Simona Gers