The Clean Party is currently an exploratory project assessing the feasibility of creating a new political party in the United States. This process involves research, discussion, collaboration and branding exercises. There are others who are also exploring this concept and are at various stages of the process. It is possible some of these efforts will conjoin.

This temporary website is a canvas and much of the drafting of ideas and branding are being done transparently here. This process started in late November 2016. Some discussion is happening on the . If interested, join that group.

As this process begins, I have also started securing assets related to the Clean Party name and brand. It is possible that the name will change, perhaps if it is decided to adopt another project’s name and aspects of it’s platform. Other names are being debated in the aforementioned Facebook Group. Despite this possibility, it is wise to move forward with something and register the proper accounts and domain names so that has been done. Also see the page.

Initial Motivation and Philosophy

When it comes to politics, elections, government, business, Wall Street, Main Stream Media (MSM) etc… Corruption is a consistent theme. Add to this government waste, bloated complex and unfair legal codes, misinformation/disinformation/propaganda and a broken congress driven primarily by partisan tactics and abuse of power rather than honestly representing constituents and fixing things… There is much to clean up and The People know this to be true. The Clean Party will formulate a platform that will strive to reform from the root of these problems because each broken layer creates, holds and supports more broken layers above it. If one layer is fixed without working on lower layers, then inevitably those improvements will be temporary. America needs permanent lasting solutions that will shape the future of governance, business, media and society in general.

A core tenet of The Clean Party is Clean Energy, Air and Water innovation and policies that benefit the environment and the tech companies that are working to bring new impactful solutions and services to the market. The Clean Party will advocate for things like , , carbon credit programs, smart grid, solar and wind and other types of renewable energy adoption and other issues related to air and water pollution.

It is imperative that we as a nation do what is best for our planet alongside other nations with similar commitments. It is not a partisan or a geo-divisive issue to be logical and work to improve the global environmental health of the planet.

The Clean Party will encompass other issues beyond corruption, reforms and the environment such as the modernization of voting technology, culture of poverty and battling misinformation/disinformation which has become an epidemic in America. A more thorough manifesto and platform are being written and will gradually be published in the coming weeks and months. It will be the intention to not bloat the party’s platform and instead let many other issues and topics be openly expressed through individuals, be it candidates, thought-leaders, artists and any citizen that chooses to become a member of The Clean Party.


Committed to Lobbying and Educating Altruistically and Normatively

Commitment is the promise to give the best effort to all attempts at improving, based on derived empirical scientific data, our nation’s systems that this party has chosen to dedicate attention and resources to. The commitment extends to how things are done as well. Truthfully, transparently and without internal pre-defined agendas. Once logic can prevail, the current political agendas can be addressed and influenced by this party’s commitment and fortitude.

Lobbying as a word and a role has a bad reputation. The media typically emphasizes the notion of lobbyists sticking envelopes of cash in politicians pockets. The truth is, lobbying is a very important element of our democracy. Well-intentioned non-corrupt lobbying efforts become the voice of many to the ears of few. Those few who receive the message and supporting data will at least be exposed to it if not consider it and possibly enact upon it. Without the lobbyist, the message would remain background noise, barring other forms of support and strategy that would likely have less chance for success.

Education is paramount to all else. It goes without saying that if you know not what you speak of, then sit down and listen. This party seeks to be educated and to educate those who have the power to do the right thing with the new knowledge that they have been given and now behold. Knowledge, after all, is power.

Altruism in politics may not align with individualistic altruism but the notion to selflessly act on behalf of others is inherent in this party as it is the entire reason for it’s existence and entrance into the political landscape. Why form The Clean Party if not to address the the wrongness of what is happening and to to do so for the benefit of a great number of citizens. Whatever is personally gained by those who participate and succeed in these efforts can be seen as circular. We would hope that each participant in The Clean Party continue their efforts long into the future. Reciprocity can be unavoidable when goals are met in politics. The strive to be altruistic is what matters most and if nothing else it is a code to adopt and live by. It can keep your path as pure as you need it to be.

Normative philosophy in the context of this political party is knowing that in addition to empirical data, we know in our hearts as humans what should be done on moral levels and referring to a universal common sense when it comes to handling the many complicated issues that any politically inclined organization will inevitably face. A moral compass should be in all of our pockets.

The Clean Party

An Explorative Project To Form A New Political Party — Be The Broom.

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    The Clean Party

    An Explorative Project To Form A New Political Party — Be The Broom.